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re: Carr response to MT tweeting?

Posted on 2/3/24 at 11:56 am to
Posted by Fat Bastard
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 11:56 am to

frick Michael Thomas it’s time to move on

GOOD RIDDANCE. get that trash outta here.
Posted by SportsGuyNOLA
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 12:08 pm to
Michael Thomas is a useless whiny bleeding vagina.
Posted by saintsfan22
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 12:17 pm to
The internet seems to be connecting Thomas to the Steelers for next season. Steelers WR room is already an a-hole factory and they're gonna bring him in? Lord help whoever ends up as their QB.
Posted by Mushroom1968
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 1:05 pm to

Yeah I'm sure Derek has enough skins on the wall like those guys to earn that right. You've heard from multiple Raiders staff that Carr wasn't the best teammate,


I apologize for Carr being white, I’m very sorry.
Posted by whatiknowsofar
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 1:15 pm to

I apologize for Carr being white, I’m very sorry.

I've literally said in this thread that the majority of all of this is on Mike.

He should not be posting online in house shite.

I'm sorry you think I'm making this a race issue, but that's low hanging fruit idiots point at. So I guess that makes sense for you.
Posted by Mushroom1968
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 1:22 pm to

but that's low hanging fruit idiots point at. So I guess that makes sense for you.

We can call him Darelle and pretend he’s black
Posted by JiminyCricket
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 1:41 pm to
That’s the problem with saying it’s only mostly on Mike. It’s 100% on Mike. Teams fight and butt heads behind the scenes all the time. Kobe punched teammates. So did Jordan. Brady could be an arse. There are fights in training camps literally every single year.

Mike is the one who made this a public issue. That’s why it’s 100% his fault. You never, ever air out the laundry in public. Thomas is a cancer and it’s obvious now.
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Posted by Zach Lee To Amp Hill
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 3:25 pm to
Mike is my favorite non-Brees Saint. I’m not sure anyone has been as elite as he was in a saints uniform at his peak.Mike was right about everything he said re: accountability for DA and Carr. Carr played bad the first 7 or 8 games and screamed at guys on the field and DA defended him at every turn.

That being said, he blew it once he started crying about Carr throwing him a “hospital ball” and blaming him for why he got hurt. For starters, Mike is a slow, big bodied WR who makes his living in the middle of the field. Those dudes get blasted sometimes. Brees got Reggie blasted by Sheldon Brown and Peyton Manning personally gave Austin Collie CTE.

Secondly, say whatever you want about Carr and I don’t particularly like him, but he’s clearly tough. Suffered broken ribs, a sprained shoulder and 2 concussions and never missed a start. A lot of that probably had to do with DA hating Jameis but regardless, Carr is clearly tough whereas Mike dislocated a toe last year and missed almost an entire season and did whatever to his knee and never came back this year. It’s time for him to go.
Posted by JackVincennes
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 5:02 pm to
Last 4 years. 20 Games Played-95 Receptions-4 Touchdowns. Imagine giving a shite what MT says at all unless you are a family member or friend. The fact that this hypochondriac has the nerve to keep talking tells you everything you need to know about his character. If ever the phrase STFU was meant for someone it is Michael Thomas.
Posted by Mushroom1968
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 5:45 pm to
Good interview, Carr is pretty funny and has some quirks like Brees (nice guy stuff). I got a laugh out of saying when he was a Raider they had an average defense and the host and Jones calling him out for being nice. In reality they were one of the worst Ds in the league.
Posted by jorconalx
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Posted on 2/3/24 at 8:26 pm to

self-righteous narcissist

Posted by Townedrunkard
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Posted on 2/4/24 at 12:30 am to

Mike was right about everything he said re: accountability

Two words that should never be used in the same sentence. Michael Thomas and accountability. He has none, and never did. He shoujd be the very last person spouting that nonsense.

There’s a reason Ceedy Duce knocked this bitch out.
Posted by Pelisaints
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Posted on 2/4/24 at 1:13 am to
good for Carr. Fans act like Mike is a god. Can't talk smack then get shocked when someone smacks back
Posted by LooseCannon22282
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Posted on 2/4/24 at 7:32 am to
The game I went to this past season he made an elite TD catch vs. the Jaguars.

Turned out to be his only one.

But I noticed that he had a problem getting open also. Couldn't separate.

Not getting into his off the field theatrics.

He came on strong as hell when he first started playing for the Saints but these last few years, obviously not so much.
Posted by oogabooga68
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Posted on 2/4/24 at 8:12 am to
The sort of lashing out by MT is what you see in Hollywood when an aging, once relevant Diva needs attention.

Thomas is a racist, past his prime punk who shite on the greatest player in Saints History, Drew Brees.

Fk him.
Posted by tucoco
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Posted on 2/4/24 at 10:47 am to

"I hope Mike finds what he's looking for. I hope he gets everything he wants in life, because I do love Mike."
He hasn't been around Mike long enough to say he loves Mike because he doesn't know Mike's Jekyll & Hyde personality. I know Carr wants to say and do all the right things being the new guy and leader with the Saints now, but he doesn't know the dysfunctional history with this team. He hasn't been there long enough, players like Thomas, Lattimore, and others are some headcases. Mike Thomas has already gotten what he was looking for from the Saints and it's $$$, and that's problem. Mike Thomas before he got that lotto contract from Loomis was a nice and hardworking guy, you could say somewhat of an overachiever at WR because he put out more on the field than his athletic ability allowed I would say. He was a slow-footed WR that caught tons of balls because even though he was slow he had a hard work ethic and ran exceptional routes catching a lot of balls with his exceptional hands, he wouldn't be denied on the field. He was just an exceptional player those first few years, but once he signed that contract everything changed. He became the diva he is now and just stopped working hard. It's funny to because he had an outstanding season after he signed that contract, but after that he just changed and it's been all downhill ever since. SMH
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Posted by HangmanPage1
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Posted on 2/7/24 at 7:52 pm to
I don’t care about either, they both suck
Posted by TwoDatBait
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Posted on 2/8/24 at 3:32 pm to
Fk MT, when all you can do is run slant routes you’re going to get hit going across the field…. Man up and take the hit, quit crying about turf toe…
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