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re: 2 days and 2 hours without 1 puff of a cig

Every single study I’ve ever seen says the opposite. Your lungs will heal itself, usually around 1-3 years for a 10-15 year smoker.
I don't think this is exactly accurate, but after reading your comment, I went and did a cursory review of the updated literature. I also noticed that the OP's "pack years" aren't that bad - "only 15", since he didn't even smoke a pack per day.

If he doesn't have permanent damage (which he might), it looks like it would be more like 10-15 years before his lung cancer risk dropped back down to a non-smoker's level. That's just cancer.

In any event, I'm not advocating that quitting is a bad thing. I'm just saying he should seriously consider vaping as an alternative. One thing that they have not been able to show is that nicotine is actually bad for an adult (and could actually be GOOD for some stuff.)

The hysteria around vaping, I believe, has prevented people like the OP from choosing to access a very tenable alternative to smoking. Even if vaping is kind of bad for you, he at least maintains quality of life without constant anxiety about stopping smoking. I wish him luck.

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re: 2 days and 2 hours without 1 puff of a cig

I don't think this is exactly accurate,

I've seen the studies and cadavers to go with it. It is accurate

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re: 2 days and 2 hours without 1 puff of a cig
Correct. You can't unpolish a turd.

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re: 2 days and 2 hours without 1 puff of a cig
Try chewing wooden match sticks, advice I got from an elderly creole lady. Tooth picks help some in a pinch but the matchsticks always worked best for me. Break off the tip or you'll have red lips. Chantix, matchsticks and altoids peppermints helped me stop back in 2008. Acknowledging, that if I don't bum "Just one cigarette" when times get stressful I can't start back, has helped me stay quit. I suspect there will be triggers that make me crave a cigarette until I die but they have little impact nowadays other than to remind me they're still there.

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re: 2 days and 2 hours without 1 puff of a cig
I’ll have a year smoke free next month.

Doubled up on nicotine patches at the beginning, then ultimately forgot about smoking

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re: 2 days and 2 hours without 1 puff of a cig
1 quit after 20 plus years so congrats! Best thing I ever did....a few points.

Cold turkey is the way to go. Fact is all the gum and vapes keep you addicted. The sooner you get over that the better. All that other stuff just keeps you in withdraw longer. It’s as much mental as anything else...either you’re quitting or you’re not. QUIT!

2 weeks is a major threshold. Man up, steel yourself and do it. Eat cookies and shite like that to get you through cravings...don’t worry about’ll have plenty of time to fix that later. I ate KitKats and drank red coke to get me through the worst part. Toothpicks are your friend.

1 month is you other big threshold as this is how long it takes you to get over the psychological addiction. You’re past the physical part...this is the feeling like you need a smoke at key triggers. After meals, sex, etc. This can be harder than the first two weeks because you’re not as gung ho and your will power will weaken.

When the cravings hit you they’re shorter but intense. Convince yourself you’re a non smoker so smoking isn’t an option.

One month and beyond. DANGER! This is the “I quit so I can smoke when I’m drinking big deal” phase. You can’t go back and if you do you’ll backslide. Don’t do it. Your will power is worn out at this point.

Generally...psyche yourself out and look at it like you’re going into a fight. Get jacked about the biggest challenge you’ll face.

After the first week or so have a beer or two...have coffee...learn that you can still do this shite without smoking. Just don’t get drunk because you’re will power will weaken. This is important because you’ll learn that your whole life doesn’t have to change because you’re not smoking.

Once you quit don’t ever smoke or do anything with nicotine ever again. You’ve crossed that brifpdge and will always be susceptible to falling back. Don’t make yourself have to fight this battle again.

Get out and the shite you couldn’t do well as a smoker.

In’s 90% mental. You have to want it and convince yourself this is what you’re doing. YOUR MIND WILL frick WITH YOU. You WILL feel normal again and you WILL not be all geeked up forever. You’ll look back on this as one of your greatest accomplishments.

Fcuking DO IT man. Godspeed.
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