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re: What are you reading?
I thought it was his worst yet. Just a normal thriller without any of the gimmicks he is known for. No symbolism at all.

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re: What are you reading?

How is it?

The Force is a good book. The first 50-75 pages are kinda preachy but it hits it's groove. The Power of the Dog is his best novel though and an all time favorite book of mine.

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re: What are you reading?
I am about half way through "the coddling of the American mind." The book touches on how we have sheltered our youth to their detrement. There are a lot of interesting statistics and examples

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re: What are you reading?
The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child.

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re: What are you reading?
Call of Chtulu and Wheel of Time Book 1. Thinking about picking up another book in the Asian Saga now that I’m done with Shogun.

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re: What are you reading?
I should finish Lonesome Dove later today. Im really enjoying it so far.

Next up The War of 1812: A Forgotten Conflict

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re: What are you reading?
A Confederacy of Dunces is one of my favorite books ever. I hope you stuck with it!

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re: What are you reading?
In the last month or so I've read:

Foreign Influence, The Athena Project, and Full Black all by Brad Thor

Also Derailed by James Siegel

Just got Black List by Brad Thor so that's next.

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