There has to be an Alabama or Florida fan running ESPN's SportsCenter Twitter account. For Throwback Thursday this week they posted pics of Broncos QB Peyton Manning and Panthers QB Cam Newton in college. Except Newton's pic is him playing at Florida not Auburn where he won a National Championship...
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Mulerider100 months
How great is Tim Tebow as a college QB? Newton couldn't beat him out and transferred. Tebow in college may be GOAT.
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lsu480100 months
SWEET LINK LARRY!!!!! -You can read the internet exploding over this [link=(692772491245256704)]here[/link].
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lsuson100 months
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BRTiger2005100 months
In defense, he played for UF longer than he played for AU.
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LSUChamp06100 months
Florida had Chris Leak, Tebow, and Newton. Urban Meyer knows how to recruit QB's.
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chRxis100 months
so crazy to think that at one point Florida had Cam Newton playing back up to Tim Tebow.... crazy how much talent they had at the position at the time...
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musick100 months
It's simple, really. It's both freshman year pics. It's not that hard to figure out.
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SECdragonmaster100 months
Lemme see.

ESPN spends an entire year running stories about how Auburn PAID Cam's dad and speculates as to when the hammer will fall......but then magically forgets he went to Auburn five years later?

Got it.
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skinny domino100 months
Did Auburn offer more money? He was a free agent, wasn't he? I mean he was selling laptops on the side just to make ends meet. So, the Plainsmen, Tigers or War Eagles made a better offer, didn't they?
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CaliTigerForLife100 months
Done purposely by ESPN for the sole purpose of extra clicks and outrage. It's just how they do it. Nothing to see here. This has all the makings of the pre show script for Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith.
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HarryBalzack100 months
Or maybe they were trying for the FL/TN rivalry angle. You see, Larry, just because we don't mention Auburn at every opportunity doesn't mean we're against Auburn.
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Blizzard of Chizz100 months
Wtf is this shite? That's it! I'm boycotting ESPN.
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TigerattheU100 months
It's easy to forget that Cam Newton participated in a handful of games as a Florida Gator. It makes the "Throwback" more interesting.
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LaBornNRaised100 months
Well we know the Macho man is a liar. Auburn doesn't have fans, just people not smart enough to get into Alabama.
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saint tiger225100 months
How the hell are you still employed by this site Larry?
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NYCAuburn100 months
Larry, we all know who is killing who. You need to think of your poor father.
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auzach91100 months
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Mac100 months
Bad link, Larry
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RandySavage100 months
I'm an Auburn fan and IDGAF
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