Rob Gronkowski Spiked Lego Steve Harvey & Harvey Was NOT Happy
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Former Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski spiked a Lego Steve Harvey during “New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey” on Fox Tuesday night and Steve looked not so happy about it...
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Or was this a bit?
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doze450 months
Bwaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa. Gronk is like your 35 yr old buddy that still hits all the college bars & night clubs .
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Bulldogblitz50 months
Racist. He deserves more than what Gronkowski did.
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CanebreakCajun50 months
He deserves proper English
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ByUselves50 months
I still remember the cheap shot on Tra' White, sorry, not a fan...
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AustinKnight50 months
Gronk is a nut but he is a friend making machine he isn’t gonna discredit his on TV future.
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atltiger648750 months
that was staged. Clearly.
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kywildcatfanone50 months
You guys know this was planned, right?
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GumplandTiger50 months
At the end. “You know how hard it is to get them brown LEGOs?”
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JohnnyU50 months
Gronk having Roid rage flashback. His hot girlfriend is his best attribute.
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AtlantaLSUfan50 months
Was funny. I’m sure Harvey knew about it prior. Made me laugh.
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Ebbandflow50 months
Neither one of these guys should be on TV
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La Place Mike50 months
Gronk is seriously retarded.
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OSoBad50 months
Damn this is awesome. Steve saying what everyone wants to say about this jackass.
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91TIGER50 months
Shooters shoot, don't be mad that Gronk has game !
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