O.J. Simpson Staged This Paparazzi Video To Make Vegas Massacre Reaction
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This guy is a piece of work, I tell ya. O.J. Simpson staged a paparazzi run-in with a photog Wednesday night so he could make (and possibly sell) a video commenting on the Vegas massacre. Per TMZ...

Simpson was having dinner at a posh Vegas country club where our photog overheard him planning a TMZ-style video shoot. He was going over the shoot with the people at his table.

When he got to the parking lot, it was lights, camera action and O.J. offered up his "thoughts and prayers" while his friend recorded.

Our photog fired up his camera to ask some questions, but apparently that really screwed things up. O.J.'s photog tries to run our guy out of the shot, but Simpson realized his plan had been foiled and beelined it for his car.
Check it out...

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How’s the golf game? Oh, just hacking away!
Reply48 months
The ESPN doc showed him staging a paparazzi encounter as he lowered the flag in his yard on his last day at the Brentwood house. They did multiple takes, with him faking emotion and asking that they give him some privacy. All done to sell to TMZ types.
Reply48 months
Pretty much every paparazzi encounter that makes the celebrity appear in a good light is staged/planned. Everything these people do is fake.
Reply48 months
White women love the BBC
Reply48 months
Black dudes love them some white womenz.....
48 months
OJ likes white suvs aparrently
Reply48 months
He killed it
Reply48 months
Reports are being released that Johnnie Manzel is driving a white bronco.
Reply48 months
He probably threatened to kill the TMZ guy if he refused.
Reply48 months
Maybe he faked a TMZ interview thinking the real TMZ guy would leave him alone.
Reply48 months
I’m so confused
Reply48 months
This is stupid. Why is this even a video???
Reply48 months
That was just a video of a guy stalking OJ Simpson, not at all what is described
Reply48 months
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