Johnny Manziel Posts Video Of Scary Cliff Dive
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Just when you thought Johnny Manziel may have learned from making dumb decisions...

Flawless execution

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SomeLSUguy47 months
...And the rock proved to be smarter than johnnyterrible.
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eddieray47 months
His footwork is terrible
user avatar
tketaco47 months
user avatar
WhoDatNC47 months
Crashed faster than his career.
user avatar
SamGinn Cam47 months
Lucky for daddy's money. Not high at all compared to many cliff diving vids out there.
user avatar
real turf fan47 months
Whose turn was it to drain the lake this week?
user avatar
MondayMorningMarch47 months
If JFF and Paige ever hooked up would that make Larry's head explode?
user avatar
Bamasuks47 months
The high dive at our town pool was higher than that. And that was definitely no dive.
user avatar
Hangit47 months
Whatever happened to that plastiwhore he married?
user avatar
NC_Tigah47 months
"jakerennie_ looks like your career" LMAO!
user avatar
idlewatcher47 months
Wow such the dare devil he is
user avatar
CAD703X47 months
looks like he's trying to describe his nfl career
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