Check out this video of former Colts WR Marvin Harrison allegedly attacking his tenant with a bat...
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Per Terez Owens...

“I was menaced and threatened by Mr Harrison, who is my landlord. I have 8 minutes of clear video and would like to monetize it. I retain the rights to the video until the release is finalized. I have a sample of the quality and if you are interested, please contact me ASAP. Thank you for your time and consideration.”
I don't know what to make of this.
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SomeLSUguy72 months
Is it just me? I do not see one bit of actual physical aggression towards the tenant. The tenant seems to film MH coming towards him, but then puts his phone by his side, and films nothing of relevance. Hell, I could walk up to someone on the street with my phone out by my side, make some loud noise, jostle my phone around wildly while essentially filming nothing, and claim that someone tried to attack me... I wish Marvin had made his face look like the front end of that car.
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OweO72 months
Dude owns apartments in "the hood", he doesn't live there. And I doubt he is in the business of letting people live in his apartments for free. I doubt being nice really gets people to pay their rent.
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Higgysmalls72 months
i dont think marvin would be driving a gold buick
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the LSUSaint72 months
Ummm, he shot someone in a barber shop he owns...or a car wash, or some other hood place
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PortHudsonPlaya72 months
MH keeps it real. Didn't he f*** someone up at a hood car wash he owns in the hood a few years ago?
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atltiger648772 months
if "keeping it real" means living in a bad area and getting in repeated physical altercations (didn't he shoot at somebody a few years back?) then yea, Harrison is doing that. But he's a multimillionaire. How about upgrading the life of yourself, your wife, and kids and move to a nicer area and live a less confrontational life.
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saintsfan2272 months
Might as well start the collection for his funeral expenses now.
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PrimeTime Money72 months
What is Marvin Harrison doing in the hood?
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StupidBinder72 months
Keepin’ it real lol
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DBcUper72 months
"I have 8 minutes of clear video and would like to monetize it." Sounds like a dead beat tenant trying to get paid.
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Neauxla_Tiger72 months
"I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY"- Michael Scott That's what I thought of when reading the above statement
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CDawson72 months
I'm still waiting on the 8 minutes of clear video, too. What a moron.
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hogminer72 months
Punk bitch looking for a payday
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Kreg Jennings72 months
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mmtiger72 months
"Marvin, sang of joy and pain. He could swing that bat, and I can still here him say...awww gimme dat hat."
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PhilemonThomas72 months
He did shoot somebody several years ago.
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OTIS272 months
Yep. Bet that punk arse bitch owed Marvin some motherfricking money too.
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WM_Tiger72 months
Always my favorite WR growing up. Now I like him even more.
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