Falcons Fan Wrote The Team This Resignation Letter To Officially Free Himself Of The Pain
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The Falcons completely gave away Sunday's game to the Dallas Cowboys, which was enough to force this Atlanta fan to quit the team. And here is his resignation letter to prove it...
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redbaron45 months
Guy in the background is C Thomas Howell?
user avatar
KennabraTiger45 months
user avatar
BayouTiga45 months
Why is he 'still' watching the NFL #un-American
user avatar
Pax tecum45 months
If the Falcons ever win, this dude will be back on the bandwagon.
user avatar
CDawson45 months
Can’t believe any American would still watch the NFL And it’s political garbage.
user avatar
panzer45 months
That is perfectly written
user avatar
raceboy45 months
Name like Harlen, he’s already a loser
user avatar
MrAUTigers45 months
That is a delicious melt.
user avatar
Black n Gold45 months
You lost me at 'Falcons Fan'.
user avatar
Steve Janowski45 months
At least go through the paper bag stage first! We at least had those with AINTS on it! He could start a trend with FalCANTS on his! Freaking Millennial Quitters....... For those who didnt read he is 28!
user avatar
SWOK Sooner45 months
Funny thousands if not millions of fans have resigned themselves from the NFL as a whole but you never see headlines about that
user avatar
LSUNV45 months
user avatar
PsychTiger45 months
They quit on him first.
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