This Edit Of Rams Coach Sean McVay Ending Every Presser The Same Will Put You In A Trance
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The internet has too much time, or at least this L.A. fan does. Check out this edit of the end of every one of Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay's press conferences...
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Are you getting sleepy?

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user avatar
RedMustang52 months
Guys? Aren’t there ever any women reporters present?
user avatar
Jcorye152 months
Wait, is this the reverse of the Collinsworth slide in?
user avatar
Mr. Hangover52 months
The what?
user avatar
pjab52 months
I’ve always heard the rumor he turns both ways, this confirms it.
user avatar
Breauxsif52 months
Mcvay the looks like a butt sniffing weasel.
user avatar
LSU FSU Grad52 months
I'm worried about Sean. One more loss and his fiance might leave him.
user avatar
SamGinn Cam52 months
Now do Belichick
user avatar
BestBanker52 months
Because you have nothing better to do while taking a dump? Alright? Thanks guys.
user avatar
KANDUUU52 months
That actually was kinda funny. Hope there's a follow-up of him consciously changing it up next time after being shown this. Like him moonwalking off.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster52 months
He seems polite.
user avatar
Vacherie Saint52 months
No bonus pic of Veronika?
user avatar
Kaybaby8252 months
That’s what I’m talking about, them thunder thighs are awesome.
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