Saints QB  Drew Bree' Son Is Excited To Meet Ravens star Lamar Jackson & He Let Lamar Know
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Drew Brees' son is very excited to meet Ravens star QB Lamar Jackson at this week's Pro Bowl, so the Saints QB gave him the heads up on Instagram...

Lamar, my son Baylen is looking for you at Pro Bowl this week. You are his guy! He’s pumped to meet you. @new_era8

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HoustonGumbeauxGuy49 months
Is Drew Bree part of the Chris Owens show?
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DVinBR49 months
"Drew Bree"
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MojoGuyPan49 months
"Baylen" smh Brees is an fn amateur IRL.
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JackieTreehorn49 months
Joe Burro is the next Drew Bree.
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KCT49 months
LOL! Well-played (I think all of us are amazed at the number of grammatical errors and the apparent lack of proofreading before stories are submitted here, but nobody wants to mention it and risk being banned. It really should be addressed and FIXED by the people who own this site, though. It's very unprofessional).
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TygerDurden49 months
Damn is Drew sure his son on the far left isn’t really Joe Burrows?
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saints502149 months
I know he may retire because he wants to spend more time with his kids, but imagine being a 10 year old kid who gets to meet every athlete they ever want to, who is rich beyond imagination and gets to do shite like hang out at the probowl. I imagine his kids will tell him to nut up and stay in the NFL for the foreseeable future.
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Ponchy Tiger49 months
I remember Archie Manning telling a story about when he was playing in the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Peyton came up missing on the beach and they found him on a sail boat just off show hanging out with Walter Payton.
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soccerfüt49 months
Dre Bree son make Larr happ
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Tiger_Style49 months
Drew Bree' is an amazing quarterback. Great QC here!
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FlyinTiger9349 months
Bree eeze, Bree ann, Bree...
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theunknownknight49 months
Your grammar is the tits
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stniaSxuaeG49 months
You’re* -Larry Leo.
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