Looks like New Orleans Saints QB Derek Carr has been in the gym preparing for this season...
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surgicalvenom11 months
Quagmire after he discovered porn on the internet.
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Sebastian11 months
Masturbation does wonder for biceps
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jmarto111 months
Looks like Carrot Top
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DoubleDown11 months
Good lighting in the picture, especially on right arm where shadows make muscles pop more. Not sure that big biceps and shoulders translates to good passing though.
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GeauxLaMike7711 months
You come across as a big P***Y
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brewdrees11 months
Brees never had big arms
user avatar
JackieTreehorn11 months
Strong knees though
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VictoryTiger11 months
Doesn’t seem like he had a spine either. He gave it to George Floyd and that didn’t work out for him too.
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kywildcatfanone11 months
Interceptions will be quicker
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newmexicotiger11 months
Must be doing Taysom's arm routine
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LotionInBasket11 months
Give the man his props. He went from Lt. Dan to Lt. Sheppard.
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gamecockman1211 months
Right arm looks much bigger than the left. He must have a lot of alone time at home...
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thermal922111 months
Make pre snap reads.
Make pre snap adjustments.
Throw the ball to our team.
Please at least do this.
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Trauma1411 months
Still wears eyeliner though. Looks like he works at Olive Garden.
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Kajuntiger12111011 months
So because the guy has thicker, longer eye lashes, u assume he wears eye liner?
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GeauxTigers010711 months
Here's a shocker players lift weights. Crazy, right?
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UnitedFruitCompany11 months
skipped leg day though. would not start.
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diat15011 months
looks like he got his eye mascara redone also
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