One Day Into 2019 & Paul Finebaum Calls This Michigan's Jim Harbaugh No Longer 'Elite'
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We've only had one day under our belts in 2019 and ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum is already removing names from his "Elite College Football Coaches" list. After Michigan’s blowout loss to Florida on Saturday, he thinks Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh has lost his "Elite" status, per his appearance on WJOX.

“Jim Harbaugh is not an elite coach. All the pundits on all the networks can make him out to be one,” Finebaum said. “He was, at one time. At Stanford, he was a superb coach in the NFL, but he’s no longer an elite coach. His stock is crashing to earth and what Michigan does from here on is their business, but I’m pretty bored talking about Jim Harbaugh.”

“No one should really be surprised by what we saw from Michigan, that’s what we’ve come to expect,” Finebaum said. “And this is the Michigan program that the Wolverine fans want. They want a good program that will never be great. Michigan will never be great under Jim Harbaugh. Michigan will never be elite under Jim Harbaugh. Michigan will always be somewhere right below that line, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with 10-11 wins — maybe eight or nine one year.

“When you lose to your rival on an annual basis and this year, in one of the worst beatdowns in big-time college football history and then you go out again and lose to an SEC school — last year to South Carolina, this year Florida — you get what you pay for.”
Hard to argue with. Do you agree?

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GoldenGuy62 months
We are two days into the year, and I've already seen the most clickbait article of 2019. Well done.
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ApexTiger62 months
There is parity in CFB outside of Alabama and maybe Clemson...
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Buckeye Jeaux62 months
Finebaum is just figuring this out?
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CanebreakCajun62 months
he never was elite in college football. There are two elite coaches (the Devil and Dabo) and then a group of very good ones. I no longer count Urban since he is allegedly done.
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Bige1162 months
What about Les?
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GeorgeTheGreek62 months
Chris Peterson is elite. He just hasn’t been at a school where he can recruit with the big boys.
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Kracka62 months
Harbaugh seemed more successful at Stanford, and should have stayed there IMO. But maybe his shite got tired there just like San Fran and currently UM.
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AndrewD62 months
"Elite" is just another vague classification - up there with 'generational'. If any team that has 2 or 3 losses isn't elite, what is elite - UCF, Notre Dame? Are there are only 2 elite teams - Alabama and Clemson? Auburn mauled Alabama last year, Clemson usually has trouble beating Syracuse. There are normally 10 teams that can win the title every year, and 2 or 3 pretenders. Michigan is usually in the middle of it. It would be foolish for Michigan to get rid of Harbaugh, especially with Urban Meyer gone.
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BestBanker62 months
What constitutes application of the title "elite"? Would this scale allow Saban to be titled "most highly magnificient" or something like this? Could the pundits start saying and writing terms that apply to EVERYONE? "Marginal Coach X did a fantastic job this year with the talent he had and the pay scale he's attained."
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Amazing Moves62 months
I think he's too conservative on offense compared to when he was at Stanford. He needs to get rid of Pep Hamilton.
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White Flash62 months
he does pretty well at michigan. in modern times, michigan has rarely been a top 5 type program. just few years here and there since ww2. he gotten 10 wins 3 out of 4 years.
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DeafVallyBatnR62 months
But he is a Michigan Man
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Datbayoubengal62 months
If he changes his offense to the spread and his defensive coordinator learns how to defend the spread, they could actually be a powerhouse again. Their biggest competition yearly is Notre Dame, Ohio St, and Penn St. All 3 run spread, and Michigan has yet to adapt defensively or offensively. That's why the best they've been since he's been there is 10-3. 10-3 is not playoff material.
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biggsc62 months
Jim Harbaugh at Michigan = Bill Curry at Alabama
user avatar
ThaKaptin62 months
I mean, I'm failing to see the story here. Oh wait, it's that Paul actually said something smart. Ok, I'll allow it Larry.
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Hangit62 months
Michigan is famous for wanting to pay their coaches about 30% less than market rate. Maybe Jim is coaching 30% less.
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BatonRougeBuckeye62 months
They are paying Harbaugh a ton of money. I think Saban is the only one making more than him. Dude just isn't that good.
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