Ohio State has an impressive team GPA of 3.24 for the 2023-24 academic year. This will provide head
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Ohio State has an impressive team GPA of 3.24 for the 2023-24 academic year. This will provide head coach Ryan Day a $50,000 bonus. Per Patrick Murphy of 247Sports...

The Buckeyes achieved a collective 3.24 grade point average over the prior academic year, earning Day a $50,000 bonus, an Ohio State spokesperson confirmed to Bucknuts.

According to Day's contract, which he signed in May 2022, the Ohio State head coach received a $50,000 bonus if the team's cumulative grade point average is a 3.0 or higher for the entire academic year. If the Buckeyes achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher, Day receives $100,000. A 3.5 or higher team grade point average results in a $150,000 bonus for Day.
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chinhoyang30 days
The class lineup: Chicano Transgender Studies, Navajo Basket Weaving, History of Namibia, Rubber Vending Machine Engineering, Gameology: Checkers, P.E.: Foosball
user avatar
BurrowToChase1 month
Print the shirts
user avatar
Ccssp11 month
Lots of hardcore “African Studies” research going on here. Rumor has it, they’ve almost invented the wheel
user avatar
cajunmud1 month
Quilt making and basket weaving
user avatar
baytiger111 month
I thought they ain’t go there to play school?
user avatar
Clames1 month
Bunch of Kinesiology majors.
user avatar
atltiger64871 month
I'd guess that over 90% of the team is in the easiest major possible. Those classes are likely no harder than a middle school class. Hell, look at the majors of our roster and you'll see the same thing.
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LSUmudman1 month
Art Schlister went to OSU…. He majored in math.
user avatar
Revorising1 month
There is no way his beard is actually that black….
user avatar
Furious1 month
Haha. That is so true
user avatar
DVinBR1 month
general studies and taking the easiest available online classes
user avatar
ColonelAngus1 month
Yeah right. Katzenmoyer & Cardale Jones went to this school.
user avatar
Ironlung1 month
If a school reports that the football team's average GPA is higher than the average student GPA, that school is lying.
user avatar
TheWalrus1 month
I’m sure they are being held to rigorous standards
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RummelTiger1 month
Hopefully, that $50k bonus somehow winds up going to the players in some form or fashion...
user avatar
GusAU30 days
Yea, because those poor, pathetic players have been exploited for too long now....(rolling eyes)
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da foozball30 days
Yeah, I guess a scholarship, free room and board, free food, free health insurance, free tutoring, access to state of the weight rooms and nutritionists, etc. is just not enough.
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Geauxldninja1 month
This isn’t going viral at all. Nobody would know about this unless it was here. Stop breaking your foot off in your dads arse.
user avatar
theballguy1 month
That's usually the case when someone click baits "going viral" on any of these sites.
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