On Monday, Michigan State attempted to come out of the Rivalry Week gates swinging, but ended up looking foolish. The Spartans Football official Twitter account teased next week's primetime game by messing with Michigan's logo and, well...
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Flashback16 months
U whiffed on this one Larry. ., not riveting.
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Wolfhound4516 months
Make this shareable Larry.
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PureBlood16 months
We dodged a bullet on Tucker... I know some of the rantards wanted him bad.
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atltiger648716 months
MSU gave him a massive extension that wasn't deserved. He may turn out to be an elite coach, but he didn't deserve the truckload of cash that MSU dropped on him. MSU has had among the very worst passing defenses in the nation the last 2 years .... and Tucker is a defensive guy.
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gamecockman1216 months
Waste of time.
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kywildcatfanone16 months
Not funny, just stupid.
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soccerfüt16 months
Gosh Larry, this story is absolutely AMAZING!!!
Thanks so much for sharing.
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saintslsupels16 months
You clicked on the story and commented which is the entire reason for Larry posting this article
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diat15016 months
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