Big Game Boomer created a map naming the "Friendliest College Fanbase In Every State" that hit the internet this week. Accurate?
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DoubleOught24 months
No surprise the faggies are named the most friendliest.
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Cheese Grits24 months
List is crazy

LoserVille are known thugs who key your car
BYU are weird, Utes fans are the cool ones
Iowa State has awesome fans, just not many of them
State fans are genuine, Reb fans are more upper crusty
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Tchefuncte Tiger24 months
Tulane has a fanbase in Louisiana? They used to, but I thought they moved away years ago.
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TouchdownTony24 months
Agree on a good bit of this
A&M fans are the best in the SEC-most welcoming, courteous group I've ever been around. No in your face yelling shite, just "howdy".

Oklahoma fans are great. Twice been around them and have no problem.

Penn St fans are there with A&M fans-very welcoming, polite, love to talk football and cheer like hell for their team but don't get in the other fans faces. Love games against them.

Auburn- not much of a problem but hell, you know most of them or half your family is Aubies.

They got Ohio right. OSU fans suck.

FSU fans are good. Fun to hang out with. Dont talk much shite and this was when Bowden was coaching. Florida fans are fine too. never had a problem with them.
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Tiger Vision24 months
"Florida fans are fine too. never had a problem with them."

Seriously? Worst fans in the SEC and I've encountered all of them multiple times. They are probably top 5 in all of college football worst fans.
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10MTNTiger24 months
N/A for Iowa lol
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Shaq4prez24 months
I'd be friendly too if I knew 5 hours before kickoff my team had no chance of winning. All 10 Tulane fans just be happy to be there
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how33324 months
I agree, all 6 Tulane fans were friendly.
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SeanLSU24 months
State of Texas: Baylor or TCU ahead of A&M (by a long shot)
State of Arkansas: Razorback fans are actually pretty friendly. I'd put them ahead of the Red Wolves
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JackieTreehorn24 months
A&M is only friendly to guys.
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jimmy the leg24 months
Ole Miss? frick off with this bullshite. Moo State was alright in my book (best in the SEC that I have been around).
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ncinthenext324 months
Madison, WI and Ann Arbor, MI are not at all nice places for visitors.
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VoxDawg24 months
GT fans have no choice but to be friendly. They know going into every game that there's a solid chance they're leaving with the L.
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Pistols Firing 1224 months
This list is garbage. OU over OSU is an absolute joke.
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Snuffleupagus24 months
Agree. They are some of the worse
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3PieceSpicy24 months
Ole Miss is KKK friendly
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GeauxtigersMs3624 months
I think it was 2003 the klan showed up to the ole miss lsu game and was ran out of town.
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Froman24 months
Tulane and Auburn fans are quite the opposite of friendly.
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Luke24 months
More like we haven’t favorable impressions of the LSU fan base…
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jimmy the leg24 months
Aubbie wasn’t bad, and Tulane is irrelevant to me.
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grizzlylongcut24 months
Auburn fans were pretty friendly to us in 2018.
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FLObserver24 months
Wow!Tulane has a fanbase.
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LSUduckhunter24 months
He's a real nice guy, you should meet him.
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BayouTiga24 months
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DoubleDown24 months
Auburn? Mmmmkkkk
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