Guess Who Wants The Michigan State Job? His Name Rhymes With Bret Bielema
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For some reason, nobody really wants the head coaching job at Michigan State. Enter everyone's favorite Bert...Bret Bielema...

As the Michigan State football coaching search took a dramatic turn Monday with Luke Fickell’s decision to stay at Cincinnati, a familiar name has surfaced as a potential alternative.

And according to a source with knowledge of the situation, former Wisconsin and Arkansas coach Bret Bielema has “definite” interest in succeeding Mark Dantonio, who retired Tuesday after 13 seasons.

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user avatar
LSUNV48 months
LOL, wish in one hand shite in the other and see which one fills up first
user avatar
LSUsince7448 months
This makes perfect sense, Golden Carrol is only 2 blocks from the stadium.
user avatar
El Campo Tiger48 months
Mrs Carrol lives in Houston.
user avatar
ATLTiger48 months
Larry rhymes with troll.
user avatar
Drizzt48 months
I don’t think you know what the word rhyme means
user avatar
Doug Masters48 months
Good for Bert. Give him another chance.
user avatar
soccerfüt48 months
Leo, try his name rhymes with “Get Pie Schemer”.
user avatar
Strannix48 months
How are the buffets?
user avatar
tigerman0348 months
Surprised it took this long for a buffet joke
user avatar
Clark1448 months
He has a better chance there than in the SEC.
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller48 months
That's actually a good landing spot for him.
user avatar
saint tiger22548 months
"His Name Rhymes With Bret Bielema"... Another fail by someone whose name rhymes with Larry Leo. Smh
user avatar
ncinthenext348 months
user avatar
FlyinTiger9348 months
Worked well for Little Nicky.
user avatar
arcalades48 months
that's a good spot for him to succeed.
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