it didn't take long for Deion Sanders change Colorado football. Check out...
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it didn't take long for Deion Sanders change Colorado football...

Athletic director Rick George told that the program turned a $200,000 profit on the spring game from ticket sales alone. Add another $123,000 from merchandise sold and you have one of the most profitable days the program has ever seen.

“It was positive revenue for us and it was really good exposure for us to be on national TV,” George said. "“It was a good day for Colorado athletics.”
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GetmorewithLes13 months
they sold tickets to the spring game? Never seen LSU do that.
user avatar
LSUrme13 months
"Absurd Profit"? Larry Leo is apparently NOT an OT Baller.
user avatar
atltiger648713 months
Deion puts on a good show, but in a Power5 conference, it’s all about wins. If he doesn’t win, his act will wear very thin, and soon.
user avatar
Flashback13 months
Deion looks cool with the cowboy hat. Reminds me of Bum Phillips.
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy13 months
Anybody who says college football is not a business is out of their fricking mind
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JackieTreehorn13 months
Awesome. Alabama makes that from a regular off season day of merchandise sales.
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NineLineBind13 months
Surely, earning a spot in a big bowl game would net the school a bigger profit. It's been a while, but CU has been in New Year's Day type bowls before.
user avatar
OGTiger13 months
LSU spent that much in fines alone for rushing the field.
user avatar
goodgrin13 months
Larry, know how we know you grew up poor?
user avatar
GoldenDawg13 months
$300,000 was the most profitable day Colorado football has ever seen?
user avatar
YMCA13 months
Man it’s going to be fun watching that ship sink. They’ve set expectations way too high.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun13 months
Charging for a spring game
....that is shameful.
user avatar
SG_Geaux13 months
No one forced anyone to buy a ticket.
user avatar
baldona13 months
I certainly hope he is smart enough to understand the difference between gross revenue and profit
user avatar
Shiftyplus113 months
narrator : "He Wasn't."
user avatar
KennabraTiger13 months
The spring game wasn’t free lol
user avatar
nol1wph13 months
How profitable will they be once they finish the season 3-9???
user avatar
johnnydrama13 months
Absurd? I don't think that word means what you think it means.
user avatar
ExpoTiger13 months
$300k? Is that a big deal in college football? Is this satire?
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