Baylor DE Lands 40-Inch Box Jump Holding 70-Pound Dumbbells
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
This is Baylor defensive end Shawn Oakman, who is 6'9" and 280-pounds, executing a 40-inch box jump while holding 70-pound dumbbells. Whoa buddy...

Shawn Oakman jumping on a 40" plyo box while holding 70 pound dumbbells during training with @travellegaines at @athleticgaines

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11thACR107 months
Useful Skill ???
user avatar
Rickety Cricket107 months
No way could I jump that high. Could you, Larry?
user avatar
Old Money107 months
Those aren't 70lbs a piece. Also he's 6'9.
user avatar
cwahl1107 months
Can do that. Have done that.

user avatar
lsu480107 months
" No impressed with dumbbells that when moved before the jump, actually can help complete because of the momentum."- LMAO! WAT?
user avatar
MarioBrothers107 months
Adrian Peterson did this his freshman year as well but with 100 LBS dumbbell in each hand. It was incredible.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal107 months
Looks more like 50lb dumbbells but still 380 lbs getting up 40 inches off the ground like that is ridiculous!

@GeeOH your idiocy ceases to amaze me now after the jewels you've been leaving the past couple of weeks. Those things would actually be pulling him down, not lifting him up.

Unless your comment was just horrible sarcasm, I hate you lol.
user avatar
Sampson107 months
Chicken: You post porn, you're banned for life
Shawn Oakman: ((starts thread full of ebony female nudes on OT))
Chicken: beautiful ladies Shawn, have an upvote.
user avatar
HeadCoach107 months
Headline should not read, "Baylor DE" as if he is some generic player. If you don't know who Oakman is by now you are behind. Great memes on this guy already. MONSTER.
user avatar
Rebel Land Shark107 months
I could do that
user avatar
QJenk107 months
Those are definitely not 70 pound dumbbells, likelly 35 pounds. But I'm not trying to down him in any way, because the chances of me making that job with that weight in my hand is pretty slim.
user avatar
LSUrme107 months
That doesn't look sturdy.
user avatar
Hester Carries107 months
those dumbells moved maybe 7 inches
user avatar
HandGrenade107 months
I think those are two 35 lb dumbbells, which adds to 70, but that's just minor details.
user avatar
GeeOH107 months
Would be impressed with an 80 lb jacket. No impressed with dumbbells that when moved before the jump, actually can help complete because of the momentum.
user avatar
Breaux107 months
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