Earlier this year, Nike announced Ja Morant would be getting his own signature shoe. On Tuesday, the logo for the Memphis Grizzlies All-Star's new Nike products was released...
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Deplorable Duke14 months
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Black n Gold14 months
I was expecting to see five yellow stars on a red background.
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Winston Cup14 months
About time he got a deal, he been wearing those KD fours for too long
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goodgrin14 months
Didn't realize the M could be represented by an upside-down V.
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3nOut14 months
I think it’s supposed to be an A. As in JA.
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bigDgator14 months
Man I have really been waiting for this. :-/
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy14 months
Looks like an archery logo
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BobABooey14 months
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KAGTASTIC14 months
Same here...first time seeing this guy's name, and already forgot it.

The cynese must really do a great job of propping the NBA up.
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