Danica Patrick Reveals Why She Doesn’t Have Urge To Race
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Danica Patrick retired from NASCAR in 2018. Last weekend she worked Sunday’s Cup race as an analyst for FOX Sports and told Bob Pockrass that she really doesn't miss racing...

“That was a 27-year season of my life, where I sort of strapped on the armor, and I was tough and strong and aggressive and was built for that world,” Patrick told Pockrass in a phone interview.

“And I also enjoy this phase of my life, where I can take some of that armor off, and I don’t have to be so tough, and I don’t have to be so aggressive, and I don’t have to do so much.”
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user avatar
PureBlood24 months
she have the urge to make me a sammich??
user avatar
kywildcatfanone24 months
She wasn't good at it is probably the reason.
user avatar
Skinny24 months
Ahh yeah, she single again. She dumped the food in a box guy.
user avatar
BobABooey24 months
Kelly Clarkson is single again and would probably like to get the food in a box guy’s phone number.
user avatar
Dallasgrowl24 months
BobABooey, you just made me spit out part of a bacon sandwich. Too funny.
user avatar
Black n Gold24 months
Maybe because she sucked at it
user avatar
ThatTahoeOverThere24 months
At least she never faked a hate crime
user avatar
SouthernInsanity24 months
would she miss it if she had been a winner?
user avatar
FLObserver24 months
What no yoga Pose?
user avatar
Kankles24 months
“where I sort of strapped on the armor”. Aaron Rodgers confirmed.
user avatar
FredBear24 months
Girl has some miles on her. Not just racing miles either
user avatar
udtiger24 months
I suspect a number of NASCAR drivers took her for a spin.
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