Last night, the New York Yankees lost in extra innings to the Seattle Mariners by the score of 1-0. Sounds like a pretty normal night of baseball. However, during the game the Yankees put on a workshop on how awful baserunning...
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cypresstiger19 months
Good. I hate the Yanquis
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YardEngr1119 months
That was really ugly. OMG
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brass2mouth19 months
And they’re paid for this crap.
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southernboisb19 months
It's the SKANKees! Don't forget, they hold the WORST choke job in MLB (possibly ALL sports).
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Liberator19 months
Nice news!

For over 50 years I was NY Yankee fan, historian and loyalist. UNTIL THE DAY THE PLAYERS ALL KNEELED AT YANKEE STADIUM -- led by former favorite, Aaron (muh-BLM!) Judge.

I despise both the NY Yanks and MLB for its demolition of baseball tradition and "America's Game".

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LC41200019 months
I was the same way but with the Dodgers. Would fly to LA 1-2 times a season to catch games, fly to Houston and Atlanta. Once the woke shite started, I dropped MLB. Right now, i cannot tell you a single player on the team or even their manager.
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denvertiger19 months
Looked like one of Pawl's teams out there on the bags
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Robber DeNiro19 months
Fck the Asstros
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jeff7012119 months
Fuq the Yankees.
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lsubuddy19 months
Looooovvvvveeeee it ,keep it up! Pull a lakers.
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Geaux Guy19 months
A lot of unfortunate events for them. Hey, it happens...

Love the sound of that crowd - Wow!
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Hurricane Mike19 months
And suddenly the Yankees don't have the best record in MLB or the AL anymore
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supatigah19 months
Astros broke them
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SuperOcean19 months
Somehow.. The Cards swept the Yankees. I think the Yankees had 3x in one game where bases were loaded and got nothing
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