This Baseball Gender Reveal Did Not Go As Planned
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Should've picked a sport he was good at...
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Kankles49 months
Hope he’s a better dad than his dad was
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3down1049 months
It's just the universes way to letting him know it's not his.
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Ebbandflow49 months
I laughed
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atltiger648749 months
how about you just call your parents and in-laws and tell them? This whole gender reveal thing is silly.
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Triple Bogey49 months
Guy takes good care of his lawn though.
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FowlGuy49 months
I da pappy
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geauxGreeks49 months
Gators wear jean shorts
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KennabraTiger49 months
The way this country is going, gender reveals won’t be until the child is ready to do it themselves
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NPComb49 months
Yea. That's not all he's not hittin'
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Hangit49 months
They live under 20 power lines? The kid will have Leukemia anyway.
user avatar
Clark1449 months
Those are telephone and CATV lines.No harm there except they look bad.
user avatar
Jaydeaux49 months
Good chance the kid isnt his
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