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LSU announced Monday morning that Mike VI has been diagnosed with a spindle cell sarcoma, a type of cancer.

Mike's veterinarian, David Baker, DVM, Ph.D. and his caretakers previously noticed swelling on the right side of his face and brought him to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine for a physical examination and diagnostic tests. Per

Once at the LSU SVM, Mike was put under general anesthesia and given a CT (computed tomography) scan to determine the cause of the swelling. All diagnostic findings were reviewed by multiple specialists, both at LSU and at other institutions, and it was determined that Mike has a tumor in his face near his nose. Biopsy analysis led to a diagnosis of spindle cell sarcoma, which is a malignant tumor derived from fibrous connective tissues of the bone. This is an extremely rare form of cancer, but this type of cancer is unlikely to spread to other areas of the body.

Dr. Baker consulted with specialists at LSU and around the country to put together Mike's treatment plan, which consists of a new and highly sophisticated form of radiation therapy called “Stereotactic radiotherapy,” or SRT. SRT delivers radiation to the tumor in a highly focused manner, sparing surrounding, normal tissues so complications are reduced. Treatment may be given as a single, high dose or as fractionated doses given daily for up to three days. This treatment is not curative but should extend Mike's life and allow him to live comfortably for some time. SRT will be performed by experts at Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center here in Baton Rouge, in conjunction with Mike's veterinary team.

Eventually, the radiation-resistant cells remaining in the tumor will resume growth. As for timeframes, it is estimated that without treatment Mike VI could live 1-2 months; with treatment, perhaps 1-2 years.
At this time, Mike's attitude and demeanor are unchanged and he does not appear to be in pain, according to the report.
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Pepe Lepew95 months
CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!
user avatar
Celery95 months
Bring in the possum. And some spray paint.
user avatar
saint tiger22595 months
Lol. If this happens, I see championships on the horizon.
user avatar
Thracken1395 months
man this is sucky news. hope all ends up being well for your guys mascot - definitely one of my fave school mascots.
user avatar
LSU Patrick95 months
Hook Mike up with some medical marijuana.
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Lake Vegas Tiger95 months
For the love of God, why are BREC zoo officials involved, those guys are notorious for animals dying in their care
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LSUvet7295 months
The cancer according to LSUVC place the tumor on "side of face close to nose". Veterinary literature says surgery is very seldom successful and only in cases of very early detection and wide surgical excision. If this cancer enters the highly internal vascular part of his nasal bones it will rapidly interfere with breathing, smell/appetite will decline and secondary infection will set in and Mike VI's beautiful personality and regal face will begin to change. There will then be great debate about his future fate but I opine that his pain and suffering should be the determining factor not his appearance. FIGHT ON MIKE VI !!!
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therealchampion95 months
Damn didnt know tigers could get cancer. Bad news.
user avatar
TigerB895 months
I guess i don't know enough as to why I can't be removed surgically? Clearly, it cannot, or that would be a treatment path. Guess i need to go google another kind of cancer I am unfamiliar with.
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blueboy95 months
Poor Roscoe. I hope the treatment doesn't cause him any pain or discomfort.
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Captain Lafitte95 months
Damn it, just sad news. Eff off cancer.
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WeeWee95 months
That sucks.
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pellietigersaint95 months
sucks. cancer is evil on all levels and across all forms of life
user avatar
SirWinston95 months
Best wishes for Rosco / Mike VI
user avatar
SirWinston95 months
Terrible news, mates :wah: :LSU:
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