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LSU is ranked No. 6 in the preseason AP Top 25 poll, which was released on Monday morning.

The Tigers are also No. 6 in the preseason Coaches Poll.

LSU will face five teams this season that are ranked in the preseason poll, including three in the top 10.

1. Clemson (15-0)
2. Alabama (14-1)
3. Georgia (11-3)
4. Oklahoma (12-2)
5. Ohio State (12-2)
6. LSU (10-3)
7. Michigan (8-5)
8. Florida (10-3)
9. Notre Dame (12-1)
10. Texas (10-4)
11. Oregon (9-4)
12. Texas A&M (7-6)
13. Washington (10-4)
14. Utah (9-5)
15. Penn State (9-4)
16. Auburn (8-5)
17. UCF (13-0)
18. Michigan State (10-3)
19. Wisconsin (8-5)
20. Iowa (8-5)
21. Iowa State (8-5)
22. Syracuse (10-3)
23. Washington State (11-2)
24. Nebraska (4-8)
25. Stanford (9-4)

Others receiving votes:
Missouri 117, Army 94, Mississippi State 87, Miami (FL) 70, Northwestern 63, TCU 57, Virginia 44, Boise State 38, Cincinnati 16, South Carolina 15, Virginia Tech 12, Fresno State 8, Utah State 8, Minnesota 7, Memphis 6, Appalachian State 5, West Virginia 3, Oklahoma State 3, Arizona State 3, Arizona 1, USC 1
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So be it. I'm just looking forward to the season.
Reply1 month
Hell of a win, boys. May as well not play the season. With this coach, we can win some recruiting but not the tough games.
Reply1 month
whatever man
1 month
I bet you're fun to be around.
1 month
What a CHODE!
1 month
who's ready for bama vs clemson part 4?
Reply1 month
That's quite possible, but college football can be surprising, which is part of what makes it so great.
1 month
Not an A&M fan but I know they won more than 7 games last yr.
Reply1 month
And UCF lost at least one. I’m not sure what’s up with this list but someone needs to check their work.
1 month
What year is this list from? Some of those teams records aren’t accurate.
Reply1 month
Maybe they're upcoming season projections?
30 days
How is it that even when we have an easier schedule than usual we still have one of the hardest schedules in the country? Catch up College Football, we coming.
Reply1 month
I guess this makes it official. We are the only team up there with 3 top 10 opponents, confirmingg our schedule as the hardest.
Reply1 month
Texas a&m plays 1-3. As does South Carolina. We dont even have the toughest schedule in our division.
1 month
USC - 1 vote How the mighty have fallen
Reply1 month
Cool. Both my daughter (OU) and my grandson (LSU) start school this week, both having moved in to their dorms this past week. Should be fun going to games for both. Will be really interesting if they meet in the playoffs.
Reply1 month
Your daughter and grandson are the same age?
1 month
Damn, how old is your daughter? Sheesh
1 month
UCF was not undefeated kind sir. We ended that little winning streak on new year’s day.
Reply1 month
A&M also went 9-4, not 7-6.
1 month
Geaux Tigers
Reply1 month
What does Ohio State have this year?
Reply1 month
A weak arse conference
1 month
Hype and a weak conference.
1 month
They assume Justin fields will be great... IDK though, he hasn't played much, but very talented and runs there offense pretty well based on the spring game. I think he will be a very good qb for them. Top recruit that sat and watched at Georgia, sounds like a good thing to have for Ohio State. Why are the records wrong? Says ucf undefeated
1 month
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