LSU will kickoff the 2022 College Football season against Flordia State on Sunday night at the Superdome in New Orleans.

The Tigers went 11-11 over the last two regular seasons, but new head coach Brian Kelly is expected to right the ship and get LSU back on track to Championship level football.

Now we ask you... How do you think LSU will finish the season with this new team? Vote below.

2022 LSU Football Schedule

9/4 vs. Florida State (In New Orleans)
9/10 vs. Southern
9/17 vs. Mississippi St.
9/24 vs. New Mexico
10/1 at Auburn
10/8 vs. Tennessee
10/15 at Florida
10/22 vs. Ole Miss
11/5 vs. Alabama
11/12 at Arkansas
11/19 vs. UAB
11/26 at Texas A&M

Poll: What Will Be LSU's Record For The 2022 Regular Season?
6-6 or worse
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BassMan6318 months
I'm 100% LSU. I'm going with 12-0.
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jaredh718 months
I'm with you. people still seem to underestimate Coach BK's coaching ability
user avatar
BigTimer2318 months
@jaredh7 Nobody is underestimating BK’s ability for not thinking we’re going 12-0
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mytigger18 months
Loss to Tenn, Ole Miss & Bama
user avatar
crossfire18 months
I’m not so sure about that Ole Miss loss. I do think Tennessee is going to be rally good this year though. This may be the first year in a while where the East is better than the west.
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BobABooey18 months
From Caesar’s sports book: “The win total side that has collected the most tickets and handle among all college football win totals is LSU over 7, and over 7 has nabbed 91.7% of the tickets and 82.5% of the handle.”
user avatar
YellowShoe18 months
For the uninitiated, would you explain tickets and handle. Or should I just Google it.
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Not sure who we lose to besides Bama, but I say 9-3.
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LATECHgradLSUfan18 months
Ls to Bama and A&M...10-2
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SomeLSUguy18 months
we own aTm... we are their bugaboo
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Ruebacca18 months
So looking at these predictions, whether you picked 10-2, 9-3, 8-4 or something else, looking at the schedule, who does LSU lose to this year?
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tigerdeal118 months
I chose 9-3 believe the loses will be Bama, Arky and either ATM or Tennessee but believe our defense will keep us in every game with a chance to win them all.
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ghost2most18 months
That's the weakest LSU schedule in a LONG time. 9-3 is possible.
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HighlandRD_ZERO2518 months
Not surprised to see 9-3 at the top here. The national media is something I can't stand, having to watch everyone who puts out a projection go safe at predict 7-5 because they just don't know what team they will end up seeing. Though I feel like on the inside and behind closed doors they really feel like 9-3 and at worst 8-4 is the real record that LSU will end up with. Just have some cojones and say what you really feel. Because 7-5 is an insult to those who've been following and watching this team grown since spring.
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Lsu10120518 months
(We are not going to go 12-0) However, that doesn't mean I am not going to vote any other way.
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Nix to Twillie18 months
9 and 3 would mean multiple championship runs in short order. Maybe a tad optimistic, but to me that's a dream season with a chance for a 10th win in the bowl.
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tigersquad8918 months
11-1 actually had less votes than 12-0. Interesting
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PsychTiger18 months
Need the option to vote for 15-0 after the post-season. lol
user avatar
Swamp Angel18 months
Thank you for that comment. That's how I'd cast my vote if given the option. Always the optimist here.
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