LSU opens up the 2019 season next Saturday vs. Georgia Southern at Tiger Stadium. Based on the schedule below, how do you think the Tigers will finish in 2019?

2019 LSU Football Schedule:
8/31 vs. Georgia Southern
9/7 at Texas
9/14 vs. Northwestern St.
9/21 at Vanderbilt
10/5 vs. Utah State
10/12 vs. Florida
10/19 at Mississippi St.
10/26 vs. Auburn
11/9 at Alabama
11/16 at Ole Miss
11/23 vs. Arkansas
11/30 vs. Texas A&M

What will be LSU's record for the 2019 regular season?
6-6 or worse
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Safe to say expectations are high. I can see 11 wins, but that is Max. But i do expect them to show their full potential, so 11&1. Anything less than 9 wins gets the coaching staff in hot water, but 9&3 is certainly believable. My expectation is beating Texas, losing to BAMA and maybe one more. (who?) I don't know, anybody really- Florida, A&M, Auburn, Miss St. Certainly, any of those plus Texas are loseable games, especially if injuries start to pile up early in the season. I just hope it is fun to watch.
Reply13 months
6 or 7 wins haven't happened in a long time.
Reply13 months
Your not a realist if you think this team is gonna lose 3 or more. Your an idiot without any real knowledge about our staff or players that are hitting the field in a week. 10-2 at worst. No way we lose to Texas either. If you say we lose to Texas then your not a True LSU fan. And for all you clowns calling for 3 or more loses and still not behind Coach "O" then find a new team to cheer for when LSU is in another New Years six bowl come January.
Reply13 months
"Your not a realist" "Your an idiot".... It almost never fails on this site. It's amazing.
13 months
Oh yea, btw, that's a dumbass take you made. Be better.
13 months
So you’re* not a realist if you think 3 losses is a possibility, yet our over under in Vegas is 9 wins? I think they keep it pretty real
13 months
10-2 is the logical choice.
Reply13 months
Lol @ the trolls voting for LSU going 6-6. Honestly, anyone who seriously voted for LSU to go anything less than 9-3 is a damn troll and should be banned from the board. There's absolutely no way that this team loses more than 3 games in the regular season. However, if they somehow get to more than 3 losses, orgeron will be under HEAVY fire, as he should be if that bs occurs. I just don't see it in the cards. At worst, 10-2, at best-12-0 (duh). Geaux Tigers bitch!
Reply13 months
12-0 you heard it here.
Reply13 months
9-3 We're still LSU. Some things never change.
Reply13 months
i think you forgot... les miles is gone
13 months
8-4 O gotta go
Reply13 months
I think if we lose 4, he is gone. In fact if we lose 2 before we get to BAMA, O is done. With that being said I expect us to have perfect record rolling into BAMA week, then catch a hard reality check from a pissed off Tide.
13 months
10-2 and the Bama thing is over.
Reply13 months
So you’re saying we beat Bama but lose 2 other games....that seems logical. SMH
13 months
9-3 losses to Bama, Florida, Texas and everyone will be calling for O's head at the end of the season.
Reply13 months
I think Florida and A&M are interchangeable in this scenario.
13 months
12-0 bitch
Reply13 months
Right on, you dirty slut!
13 months
Hey 6-6 guy... want to make a bet?
Reply13 months
15-0 and a National Championship trophy. Not gonna count the Spring game, though.
Reply13 months
I roll with bobabooey 15-0
13 months
"11-1 No ExCuSeS"
Reply13 months
11-1 GeauxTigers
Reply13 months
6-6 prediction must be an OLE PISS troller.......GTFO!!!
Reply13 months
I bet heavily ($100 baller) the over 9 for the season. Worst case I see it is a push.
Reply13 months
lol 9 is our floor from the betting market? Seems like easy money
13 months
If you didn’t vote 12-0 you’re a traitor
Reply13 months
Or you’re a realist
13 months
This is like a girl saying “if you don’t bye me that diamond necklace then you don’t love me”.
13 months
So at this point, better than 50% of the voters are traitors. Okay
13 months
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