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LSU previously announced in November that the school would be celebrating 100 Years of Tiger Stadium in 2024, with several updates coming to the stadium.

One of those upgrades includes a facelift to the North Endzone scoreboard, a project that started this week.

LSU Athletics is proud to announce its year-long celebration of 100 Years in Tiger Stadium, highlighted by stadium upgrades, events, storytelling initiatives, and a season-long celebration throughout the 2024 campaign.

Included in the celebration are several upgrades to Tiger Stadium, including a new videoboard and lighting system, as well as other upgrades designed to enhance the game day experience. Other events and celebrations will be announced throughout the year.
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Lsudave892 months
Well, another accomplishment by JD5 !! LOL.. he engineered so many points they finally had to replace the scoreboard after the offense lite-it-up so much during his Heisman year coupled with Joes before.. that it was forced into retirement.
user avatar
Gorilla Ball2 months
It’ll never be ready in time
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There are high school stadiums with bigger/nicer scoreboards than we have. It's truly embarrassing.
user avatar
Geaux Guy2 months
Super embarrassed everywhere I go.
user avatar
Davy2 months
Stay in Houston dude
user avatar
LSU_Legz2 months
Biggest spot they could find to commemorate the 2023 Omaha Jello Shot Championship
user avatar
CrystalPreserves2 months
I’m gonna lose it the day they sell that space to Gordon and he makes it a billboard.
user avatar
Ryan32322 months
As long as that funding goes towards to recruits its a win in my opinion.
user avatar
31TIGERS2 months
It’s because of people like gordon our insurance rates are through the roof. I could care less about nil crap or who funds that mess. Down vote away but I prefer to worry about my livelihood versus some kid that’s already going to school for free because of athletics.
user avatar
GoldenAge2 months
Such an idiotic statement. Gordon is just making a living by representing a lawsuit happy society. If he doesn’t represent them, it doesn’t stop or affect the lawsuit in any way. Meaning - if no Gordon but still plaintiffs, lawsuit still exists. If no plaintiff but still Gordon, no lawsuit. Just tired of always seeing people blame lawyers when they’re not the root of the problem.
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Coloradeaux2 months
How about some better concessions and an upgraded sound system?
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DVinBR2 months
The scoreboard has some of the most technologically advanced speakers out there, yall are mostly complaining since the bulk of them are confined into the scoreboard making hot spots around it or hard to hear all the way on the other side, one nice thing about it is that the speakers are mostly hidden vs a distributed system where you see speakers all over the stadium
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CanebreakCajun2 months
Tiger Stadium may be old, but she beautiful. To hell with this.
user avatar
Stuckinthe90s2 months
They going to remove the static ads on the video board? Probably the dumbest thing I have ever seen.
user avatar
cajunmud2 months
Long overdue. What about the other two little ones?
user avatar
ModernCajun2 months
They were already replaced/upgraded over Mardi Gras break (saw the cranes lifting it when driving past campus)
user avatar
DaBeerz2 months
Moar Ads!
user avatar
Now with flashy lights
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