LSU arrived in Syracuse this afternoon and made their way over to the Carrier Dome for a walk-thru before heading to the team hotel.

Once inside the Dome, Leonard Fournette posted the following picture on twitter to honor the great Syracuse running back's Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, and Floyd Little:

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Purple Spoon101 months
Is there anyone who hates this guy at this point. Dude gets it.
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Navytiger74101 months
That's really frickin awesome. He'll run them into the ground and they'll still love him. You can't teach PR skills like that.
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Boyntonbeach Tiger101 months
Kid is class and a great representative of the Tigers.
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Sid in Lakeshore101 months
Catholic League......
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LSUrme101 months
"Marco Esquandolas"

Don't ever go full retard.
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apd76101 months
He's been doing this since HS, as he won the La
POY and gave it to your cynicism is fair, but basis inaccurate. Run like an antelope
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S101 months
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Vacherie Saint101 months
You never know how the rules of football might have been different without those guys. Dunking was banned in college for a time because of Lew Alcindor. Dominant players have a huge influence on the game.
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BayouTiga101 months

You are a dickwad that needs an attitude adjustment.
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ByteMe101 months
"With all the "right" things he is doing, it makes me wonder if his family hired a PR person to coach him on things that will win over America.
Don't get me wrong, he is a good kid and a fantastic athlete, but all his perfect PR moves just seem too well played for a 20 year old."

Explain how him "winning over America" has any effect on his future? I don't think he's running for office. What he shows on the field, and staying out of trouble, is all the NFL gives a shite about. This kid doesn't need to say anything. He's a class act and it sucks that we have come to a point where we question the sincerity of a kid like this...considering how things are going these days.
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foshizzle101 months
>>Marco Esquandolas

Almost certainly correct. Fournette is managing his image quite well.

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LSU_ARMY101 months
He must be talking to Professor Karam
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tjohn deaux101 months
You say that because you can't comprehend being a good person, a real man, completely on your own honor. For you it takes an intelligent person to tell you what to do. For truly great people, it just happens. You will never understand.
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wutangfinancial101 months
Marco Esquandolas needs to hire a pr team. You sound like a douche
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JJSTIGER101 months
Don't forget Larry Csonka. He was a beast in college and with the Dolphins in the NFL.
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John McClane101 months
Great kid
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Hugo Stiglitz101 months
Actually have a debate going with a buddy of mine who Fournette most resembles: Jim Brown or Earnie Davis
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Dandy Lion101 months

Staff reporter, eh? What kind of J School do they run there in Baton Rouge?

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la champ1101 months
Actually Ernie Davis paved the way for guys like Fournette in a time of real prejudice and inequality.
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GeeOH101 months
"managing image". "Doin the right things"

What's the difference and who cares? As long as a Peron is being a good leader and role model and making great decisions, it doesn't matter what his reasons are.

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