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LSU announced Monday morning that backup quarterback Lindsey Scott Jr. has decided to leave the program and will transfer to another school.

For Immediate Release - August 14, 2017


BATON ROUGE – Backup quarterback Lindsey Scott Jr. has opted to leave LSU and transfer to another program, head coach Ed Orgeron confirmed on Monday.

"I had a very good talk with Lindsey this morning and we talked about his future,” Orgeron said. “He is a great young man from a great family. We wish him all of the best in the future."

Scott, a native of Zachary, redshirted last year as a true freshman.
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Scott is the 11th player to transfer out of LSU this offseason.
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user avatar
atltiger648778 months
I loved watching Last Chance U, but if Lindsey goes there he'll be fish out of water.
user avatar
SamuelClemens78 months
Word on the web is he is going to Tulane
user avatar
tigerpawl78 months
I had very high hopes for Scott. Disappointing...
user avatar
Spankum78 months
Good decision for Lindsey as I see it. probably saw himself sliding on the depth chart and honestly, knows the key to his future is in the classroom. Thanks for being a Tiger,, go out and make your fortune in the world.
user avatar
Whynotme78 months
Probably go to Mississippi State and become an all american.
user avatar
eugene1928LSU78 months
Good luck Tiger. Come on Brennan, Tiger Nation is waiting.
user avatar
Tiger in Texas78 months
Nothing against Scott, but let's be honest, he saw the writing on the wall- was never going to see the field...
user avatar
SwampBandit78 months
I feel as if he would have tried to get on the field at a different position he would have got playing time, the kid does have talent and is smart as well...But maybe he was dead set on the qb position.
user avatar
jimmy the leg78 months
A class young man. I wish the best of luck to him.
user avatar
Woodman78 months
Harvard can certainly take transfers. If he needs a full ride, Duke or Northwestern wouldn't be bad places to land.
user avatar
Hair of the Dog78 months
They will not take any of his credits from LSU. 10 yrs ago none of Hatch's LSU credits would transfer.
user avatar
username2078 months
If you're transferring to Harvard with 4 years to play on scholarship, who cares if your 12 hours in basketweaving management do not transfer? Does that really impact a decision whatsoever?
user avatar
DaleGribblesMower78 months
Tulane lock
user avatar
BRgetthenet78 months
The Rockachaw Super Genius Brain Child Myles is going to bring LSU at least two Natl Championships. He will be snubbed for the Heisman, however.
user avatar
I think he'd have been a better fit in a les miles offense. Ball control, smart, can make plays with his feet when necessary. New regime will hopefully be airing it out more. Best of luck to him. Hats off to him for choosing LSU in the first place.
user avatar
Disgeaux Bob78 months
Best of luck kid !!
user avatar
Freddy23878 months
He should go to Tulane, its the perfect offense for his talents.
user avatar
YellaPurp78 months
that boy Les Myles Brennan is the truth!
user avatar
luciouslou78 months
brennan is the real deal. its obvious!
user avatar
ImayGoLesMiles78 months
Lol, dude saw myles brennan throw the football and was like frick this shite I'm never gonna play here. Hahaha
user avatar
Datbayoubengal78 months
lol. Loved what I thought Scott could bring to the table but also loved the potential I saw in Brennan. I've said this before, but I think we should start Brennan and let him go through his ups and downs this year. Last year UGA, USCe, and Bama, started true freshmen at QB. Of course we actually have an experienced returning senior, but why waste a heisman season with Guice when Etling won't get us to the playoffs? Let Brennan grow with all the inexperienced WRs. He has a big arm, accurate, and at worst is as mobile as Etling. Bring the magic back to LSU.
user avatar
Mr. Hangover78 months
user avatar
Popo200078 months
Hate to see him leave but I completely understand. Great young man and I wish him the best. He will be a great QB for another school. That being said, this is a positive sign about Brennan and Narcisse.
user avatar
Tiger Vision78 months
Who were the other 10 transfers from LSU this offseason?
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