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Multiple sources are reporting that freshman linebacker DeMario Tolan has entered the NCAA Transfer Portal.

Tolan is a former four-star prospect from Orlando, Fla. Per The Advocate:

Tolan had worked his way into the linebacker rotation the second half of the season, and LSU coach Brian Kelly indicated at one point he would compete for playing time next year.

Tolan didn't play in the Citrus Bowl while LSU rotated linebackers, his first time not appearing in a game since the season opener. He finished the year with 10 tackles and two quarterback hurries.
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TigersOnTop4Ever13 months
Interesting...was he planning on going to Liberty before a LSU offer. If not then how does he commit to Hugh freeze so quickly after partaking....COLLUSION!!!
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CanebreakCajun13 months
Tampering 101. Portal Wednesday. Commit Sunday.
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alschroed14 months
He was afraid of not playing.
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mla010014 months
Knowing that he was inline for playing time at LSU, this smells of NIL tampering from one of the Florida schools who have been free-spending! He’s also from Florida so, we’ll see if he signs with one of those schools!?!
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zoom14 months
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bluebuck114 months
What did many players learn from the Max Johnson transfer? Patience is man’s greatest virtue and fast money is not always the money that last. Perennial Champions have great players on the scout team challenging first rounders for playing time, earning their stripes and getting better every day, while practicing against the best players, all week long, during the spring and fall.
Patience buddy! Patience and work, no matter where you are, it will be recognized and rewarded. The grass is not greener elsewhere.
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TheTigershark14 months
Do transfer players have to sit out a year again?
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LSUrme14 months
No, this isn't 2019!
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BayouBengal9914 months
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Barbellthor14 months
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jafari rastaman14 months
Young man, as long as you are aligned, you have time to rethink this.
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CanebreakCajun14 months
Hannibal the Cannibal at LB.
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cajunmud14 months
Ya know when you return something on gotta give them a reason? That ought to go for the portal also.
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Datbayoubengal14 months
Man I wonder if he'll be at Miami. They are shelling out a lot of money. Could also turn up at FSU as they are eating up the transfer portal.
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skullopener14 months
No "G" Money!
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Geaux Guy14 months
Smokin the doobies maybe?

No merit to this, I just wanted to say ‘Smokin the doobies’
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ImBatman14 months
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PureBlood14 months
Yank his spot and pick up a replacement.
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conman14 months
Maybe he is homesick. He is from Orlando and maybe he will show up on the UCF roster.
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FLObserver14 months
Dang this one stings! We need all the LB help we can get. We need them coming in not leaving. Depth next year will be a struggle if injuries hit at LB.
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lsuson14 months
Kelly had to of known what his intentions where for not playing him in the citrus
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Mickey McFinnigan14 months
have known
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tigerbutt14 months
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LSUsince7414 months
He'll probably transfer to A&M and pull a Harold Perkins. Karma
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Double Down14 months
A&M… where players dreams go to die.
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Big EZ Tiger14 months
He's not Harold Perkins though.
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