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LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels spoke with reporters at the NFL Combine on Friday and explained his decision not to throw at the event this week.

Instead of throwing at the combine, Daniels, a likely Top-3 pick in the draft, will throw at LSU's Pro Day on March 27.

Daniels explained that the decision would allow his teammates who were not at the combine to gain more exposure to scouts and NFL coaches.

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Datbayoubengal1 month
Daniels threw for his guys last year at the pro day, and that's when he and Bill Belichick talked a lot. Reports this year comes out that Daniels was the top player on Belichick's board. Getting all these guys to come to his pro day will also lead to other conversations for NFL coaches and scouts to talk to players from this draft and the upcoming 2025 draft.
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navy1 month
This is nothing new. Lord Burreaux was gonna do the same thing, but his Pro Day got cancelled because of China Virus or something.
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Why the frick is everybody getting the Ja’Marr Chase haircut? It looks like a gadget my housekeeper uses to dust the blinds.
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pitchandcatch271 month
JD5 is the real deal a d a true LSU TIGER. Rather be with his teammates at LSU the at the combine in Indy. Number 1 pick in my book. Better player then the USC QB. JD5 your a bad arse. GEAUX TIGERS!
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33inNC1 month
Great explanation, this guy is so like-able, unlike the prima-donna from USC.
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chinhoyang1 month
Jayden continually gets more likeable. Who would not want to be his teammate?
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225Tyga1 month
"His" someone made that decision for him and coached him on how to handle it with the media, well done LSU!
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Dadren1 month
Dude is a grown man and about to be a millionaire. Do you really think someone made him skip combine workouts? How? It was absolutely his decision even if someone might have suggested/asked him. Weird that you’re downplaying that.
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ThomasShelby1 month
He will develop timing with his NFL team. Why wouldn’t he show what good timing and chemistry looks like with his current guys, AND eyes get to be on those receivers.
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saintlad741 month
That is " Team" guy.

Love him even more.
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saturday1 month
I just hope he runs, I'd love to see what he can do in the 40
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GumboPot1 month
Nice move by Jayden. Probably will help some other guys who otherwise might not get noticed.
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Simplemaaan1 month
Randy Moss did the same thing at Marshall.
I think he actually got a team mate drafted.
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Cycledude1 month
Sounds like he’s being a good teammate! Good luck Jayden!
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