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Using the current College Football Playoff Rankings, here's what the 12-team playoff would look like using the following format rules:

Format rules:
*6 auto bids to highest ranked conference champs
*6 at-large bids to next highest ranked teams
*top 4 champs get byes
*5-8 seeds host on-campus 1st round games
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Current CFP Rankings:
1. Georgia 12-0
2. Michigan 12-0
3. Washington 12-0
4. Florida State 12-0
5. Oregon 11-1
6. Ohio State 11-1
7. Texas 11-1
8. Alabama 11-1
9. Missouri 10-2
10. Penn State 10-2
11. Mississippi 10-2
12. Oklahoma 10-2
13. LSU 9-3
14. Louisville 10-2
15. Arizona 9-3
16. Iowa 10-2
17. Notre Dame 9-3
18. Oklahoma State 9-3
19. NC State 9-3
20. Oregon State 8-4
21. Tennessee 8-4
22. Tulane 11-1
23. Clemson 8-4
24. Liberty 12-0
25. Kansas State 8-4
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user avatar
SaintInBham3 months
Strange to think but in that scenario Ole Miss has a very legitimate shot at playing in the championship game
user avatar
deernaes3 months
The Tulane pic is obviously a mistake. It should be Oklahoma.
Whoever did this graphic got #12 and #22 mixed up....
user avatar
GoldenGuy3 months
Six Auto Bids to the Six Highest ranked Conference Champs. Tulane would be the AAC Champs, and receive an auto-bid.
user avatar
JPLSU19813 months
Shaking me head…. Highest ranked G5 get an auto-bid
user avatar
CDawson3 months
It’s rare we even see a 1 vs 4 matchup worth a piss. Gonna be some blowouts in this format.
user avatar
LSU82Cajun3 months
It is time to win back Louisiana.
user avatar
cheeto2253 months
so we know that scenario wouldn't happen with bama or georgia, oregon or washington, etc being reseeded..and if tulane were to lose, do you want an unranked SMU team in there as conf champs? I think it should all be at large with the conf champ helping the resume, but not guaranteeing entry.. can you imagine a 8-4 team winning the conf champ?
user avatar
wesman213 months
As long as we aren't #13 next year. I think we would beat Oregon.
user avatar
Savagetiger653 months
Putting the green slime in there doesn’t sit well!
user avatar
cajunjoey20103 months
16 teams this year my byes would have LSU FL. St. Revenge time
user avatar
Rahloh663 months
I can remember a 2 loss team winning a National Title!!All time as well
user avatar
LATECHgradLSUfan3 months
LSU in or not I can't wait...long, long time coming!
user avatar
DoubleDown3 months
Are Championship games pointless going forward? They seem kinda moot.
user avatar
HeadSlash3 months
LSU fan would complain
user avatar
HubbaBubba3 months
So, it's possible (but not likely) that we will see an eventual 17-0 national champion. 16-0 is more likely. I imagine a scenario where you end up with 5 unbeaten teams. One of those will not get a bye and could end up sweeping it. Not likely, though, because in order to have 5 unbeaten teams, you need 5 conference champions (each 13-0) or an unbeaten Notre Dame (so they could only ever be 16-0).

Still, though, a team not in the top 4 sweeping it could end up playing 16 games.
user avatar
ALTiger3 months
need to do away with the committee; no need for those guys anymore
user avatar
POTUS20243 months
user avatar
Tiger20223 months
Bama is back to every year guaranteed
user avatar
DoubleDown3 months
Dunno, eventually Saban retires and we/Bama come down to earth a bit.
user avatar
Random LSU Hero3 months
Ohio State would have their hands full with Ole Miss
user avatar
Swamp Angel3 months
Why, looky there! Proof positive thta there's no need for an expanded playoff. There are only four undefeated teams now. Barring a complete meltdown by any one of the, those are the four teams that should be playing for the championship. The football championship should not be turned into a version of March Madness by adding more and more teams. It detracts from the value of an undefeated, or nearly undefeated season. The idea that "each game counts" is tossed out the window and regular season games become less meaningful. (But the TV gods must have their money.)
user avatar
Timeoday3 months
TCU got smashed last year. Pac 12 and Big 10 are very weak leagues. Strength of schedule is a very solid indicator of worthiness?
user avatar
Bestbank Tiger3 months
At least the byes help with that. You're playing gor a bye, or a first round home game, or to be the last one in.

The old system made the regular season even more meaningless because it was possible to go undefeated and still be locked out.

user avatar
cajunmud3 months
So should your season be over and all hope lost when you lose that 1st game? Turn it off hon...we're 0-1. There's always next year...haha.
user avatar
DellTronJon3 months
12 is too many
user avatar
SulphursFinest3 months
12 is going to be awesome. Those are good football games
user avatar
TigerFan2443 months
Tulane?!? Seriously?!?
user avatar
GeauxtigersMs363 months
Screws lsu again
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