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Former LSU offensive tackle and Baton Rouge native La'el Collins has agreed to a two-year contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys reportedly worth $16 million with a $4 million signing bonus. Per ESPN:

Collins was set to be a restricted free agent after this season, but he is now signed through 2019. He is guaranteed $9.5 million at signing and will also receive a $4 million signing bonus, a source said.

Collins' base salary will increase each year, from $1 million in 2017 to $4.5 million in 2018 and $6.5 million in 2019. If he plays in 85 percent of snaps in 2017 and 2018, his 2019 base salary will jump to $8.5 million.
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TDFreak81 months
Kudos to Jerry Jones. Said he would take care of him after his contract came due, and he did just that. This is the best Collins could have done after the unfortunate draft situation.
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beantown81 months
Deserves every dollar he gets! It's so deflating how small these contracts are compared to the NBA ones the past month, for players that don't even have half the talent as Lael
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Rakim81 months
I want to congratulate La'el what a screw job he got by BRPD
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Sid in Lakeshore81 months
Kudos to La'el. Deserves every penny. I'm actually starting to look at the Cowboys in a more positive light. They have a lot of good young talent.
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burke98581 months
No he's not a saint because the front office is a joke
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ItNeverRains81 months
The reason Collins isn't a Saint is because he chose to be a Cowboy. NFL would not let him be drafted.
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KennabraTiger81 months
You are fricking stupid
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ImayGoLesMiles81 months
He deserves every bit of it. Im really glad for la'el.
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roguetiger1581 months
He really deserved way way more. Thanks brpd.
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SoulGlo81 months
Saints. SMDH. My cowboy fan friend loves La'el.
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Drizzt81 months
Baton Rouge PD really screwed this guy and never apologized. Cost him millions.
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Spankum81 months
Excellent news for him! It looked like his career was going to come crashing down before it ever got started. I don't like Jerry Jones much, but I have to commend him for taking a chance on Collins.
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gerkin81 months
As i recall jones didnt take a chance on him. It was after draft was over and many teams made invites and he chose cowboys (?)
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Tigers4Lyfe81 months
He chose the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones and moreso because of how Jerry Jones involved Collins' mother.
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BTRDD81 months
Why he doesn't have a fleur de lis on his helmet is beyond me.
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PortHudsonPlaya81 months
Proud for him. Was really screwed over before the draft. Glad he's finally getting what he deserves.
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foj198181 months
Man that is awesome news. Well deserved.
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SirWinston81 months
Saints dropped the ball on this one for sure
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AustinKnight81 months
Still shake my head thinking the Saints be local would have first hand info if any allegations could have been true. Lost out on a great player
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Shiftyplus181 months
People wonder why the Saints have bad drafts and are perennially 7-9. For the most part they suck at talent evaluation and doing their due diligence. They are always interested in O-linemen, but didn't even take a look at him, despite being 50 minutes down the road. Could have had a pro bowler for peanuts. But the couldn't be bothered bro even make a fricking phone call.
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YellaPurp81 months
Congrats to La'el!!! The Saints will forever regret not drafting this man.
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