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Former NBA Basketball player Charles Barkley appeared on an episode of NFL Total Access and said that former LSU star and current New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is becoming too famous. Per Bleacher Report:

Josh Norman is fantastic. I mean c'mon man. I think that Beckham, I don't know him I've only said hello to him one time. There's two ways fame works: You run fame or fame runs you. And it can get out of hand very quickly.

And I think Odell Beckham is a stud and he's getting a lot of commercials, but I think he's starting to get to the point where he's becoming too famous instead of worrying how to become a great football player. I think he needs to be careful. Just lay low and just kick butt on the field. I mean, nobody cares about all that extracurricular stuff. And Josh Norman, he earned his money. Congratulations to that man.
Beckam Jr. was recently ranked the No. 10 player in the NFL Top 100, as voted by NFL players themselves.

He caught 96 passed for 1,450 yards and 13 touchdowns last season.
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Tiger198895 months
Stupid comment, but effective based on people's split opinions. Nice work "Barkley to Governor" campaign spin
user avatar
foshizzle95 months
Funny how he's just sitting there holding his drink and looking a bit glum. Like me at many parties when I was that age.
user avatar
TigerDM95 months
That statement is only true when it effects his play. Many great athletes have been drawn in by the party life and their play has suffered greatly, while others "work hard, play hard" and continue to perform. I really don't care what he does off the field as long he isn't breaking any laws and his play on the field doesn't suffer.
user avatar
c on z95 months
This is the same guy that has Oscar Robertson #2 on his list of greatest NBA players. No need to take him too seriously.
user avatar
hg95 months
OBJ is a narcissist
user avatar
Mulerider95 months
I love OBJ and he has been a great statesman so far for LSU. #10 in the League may be stretching but good for him and good for LSU! No more temper tantrums like last year and he will go a long way as solidifying himself as a real professional.
user avatar
Purple Lion95 months
The dude can ball, but it would be nice to see him quit dressing like Peter Pan and prancing around Hollywood.
user avatar
sjmabry95 months
Charles is right, and I like OBJ.
user avatar
TampaTiger2295 months
How is he right? OBJ doesn't like Norman, so that makes him right? OBJ has not done anything off the field that would say Charles is right. Unlike Charles.
user avatar
Sweet daddy95 months
Hey if Odell was beating up women, getting arrested for drugs , speeding at 150 Mph . The guy is just loving life so what if he can talk the talk and walk the walk nothing I hate more than an out of shape big mouth trying to make a name off of a guy like Barkley , Steven A Smith , Skip Bayless .
user avatar
GusAU95 months
Yea, no one knew who Charles Barkley was before his comments about OBJ...what an idiot you are!
user avatar
Datbayoubengal95 months
OK....Josh Norman will be exposed this year while Beckham will still get better and better. I'd like to see where fame is running him. Check Manziel for that. Beckham is more like Dion "Primetime" Sanders. Embraces the fame and still dominates on the field.
user avatar
rutiger95 months
If he sucked last year, maybe. But odells out there killing it. Charles sure does like to hear himself talk.
user avatar
CBarkleytruth95 months
I only speak the truth
user avatar
Black n Gold95 months
"I think he's starting to get to the point where he's becoming too famous instead of worrying how to become a great football player." But he is already a great player. Does he need to go for 2,000 yards and 20 TDs before he can enjoy his fame?
user avatar
kjanchild95 months
I agree with Charles. Also, I would love to see him with the opposite sex every once in a while! Hmmmmm! Life long LSU fan also!
user avatar
Solo Cam95 months
LINK Fuching idiot.
user avatar
TampaTiger2295 months
You sir, are an idiot
user avatar
sicboy95 months
Maybe Sir Charles and dabigfella need to shut up.
user avatar
dabigfella95 months
He's right the guys a stud but he's becoming a vag on and off the field. That Giants/panthers game last year definitely made me a lifelong lsu fan think he was a petulant child
user avatar
AU4real3595 months
Obviously Barkley is in the know and surrounds himself with all kind of professional athletes. Most times he hears things going on around the different leagues and just throws it out there in his own way.
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