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During his Monday press conference, head coach Brian Kelly spoke about the impact of Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow and Heisman hopeful Jayden Daniels on the recruiting trail. Per SDS:

“It opens up just the fact that player development and the ability to compete for the Heisman Trophy exists at LSU, because it’s not only right now, but it happened a few years ago with another LSU quarterback,” Kelly said in his press conference Monday. “Now you’re starting to build, not an accident, but a trend here at LSU. That obviously speaks to recruiting and the ability to recruit elite quarterbacks to LSU.”
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SOL27 months
Good point. Is Arch coming?
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Broham7 months
He said Elite QB's.
user avatar
TNoon7 months
What about defense coaches?
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Timeoday7 months
If this year's defense could have matched this year's offense, wowza!!
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TigerB87 months
LSU only needed an "average" LSU defense and this team would be undefeated. It's been an easy schedule this year and to have 3 losses is frustrating with an offense this powerful.
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texastigerr7 months
We didn't need to be elite on defense. We just needed to have an average defense by LSU standards. Didn't have to be a great LSU defense like we typically see here. Just average and we would be undefeated and in the top 4 and Daniels would be the leading candidate for the trophy.
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Capo7 months
The sales pitch is that Louisiana rolls out elite running backs and wide receivers.

Now, with Coach Kelly, elite offensive lines.
user avatar
Cosmo7 months
How bout they recruit elite DBs and LBs?
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panzer7 months
Don't expect the Sports Information Department at LSU to understand how to market Jayden to the voters of these awards. Don't get your heart broken. The other universities know how and will do a great job for their athletes. LSU has always been abysmal at self promoting. Will Stout was the only time they had excellent work and they'd never ask for his help or outside help for various reasons. Good Luck Jayden, you'll need it.
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Woodman7 months
So the main screen at Times Square was just happenstance for Burrow?
user avatar
Davy7 months
Burrow won it only four years ago. Livy Dunne and Angel Reese were in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
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Ghost of Colby7 months
I might be asking too much as a fan, but is it possible to combine a good LSU defense with a talent like Jayden Daniels?
How about the 2011 defense with JD5? Too much to ask for?
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CanebreakCajun7 months
2011 is one of our 2 or 3 greatest defenses ever.
user avatar
bapple7 months
Even an opportunistic and respectable defense would be enough. 2019 had a lot of star power and forced a lot of turnovers but there were some games they allowed a lot of points. Still, when opportunities to swing momentum showed up they grabbed them. Just need half of that with an elite quarterback and we’d be in the hunt.
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mattchewbocca7 months
If only Jayden could play defense.
user avatar
cajunmud7 months
Hahaha...QB & DB? They'd have a hard time denying him then.
user avatar
LSU_Legz7 months
Now JD5 just needs to bring it home...he certainly deserves it.
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