Auburn safety Rudy Ford spoke with the media on Tuesday at said it shouldn't be hard to stop LSU running back Leonard Fournette when the two teams play each other on Saturday.

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Hopefully Fournette get's a one-on-one match up in the open field with Ford kind of like this...

Kickoff on Saturday between LSU and Auburn is set for 2:30pm on CBS.
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Lsu101205106 months
Rudy Ford is a smart man, they were able to stop Leonard for only 228 yards on 19 carries.
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demtigers73106 months
Bug meet windshield! Rudy, Rudy, you bout to get rant over beotch!!!! LF7
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jacktown106 months
Leonard Mr truckstick Fournette hmmm I like I like Auburn u a joke this year be quiet an take your spank in lik a man!
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Louisianaboy87106 months
Lol there isn't even any confidence in his own statement. He said "shouldn't be hard" not it "Won't be hard" he's already doubting himself. That's like me saying oh this test I'm about to take shouldn't be hard lol.
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NASA_ISS_Tiger106 months
Good luck Johnathan (aka Rudy). I know you well...I saw you grow up at New Hope High School. You MIGHT have a chance of stopping Leonard once...maybe twice...but not often. I see Leonard looking for #23...not too smart on your part Rudy..your daddy and momma raised you better.
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PortCityTiger82106 months
Put him on the hood Leonard!!
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TampaTiger22106 months
We still have to throw the ball.
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Ebbandflow106 months
Pretty normal answer. Terrible, sensationalist, reporting. No story here
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SabiDojo106 months
Google doesn't even know who Rudy Ford is.
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Lsu101205106 months
"It's actually simple. Put 11 men in the box and you can stop LF7. Don't worry about the pass Les will continue to run right up the gut."

You do realize MSU did this and LF7 still pulled off 159 yards right?
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Born in BR106 months
Please interview him after the game and remind him of his prediction.
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BoudreauxinGA106 months
Rudy, I think I can smell your fear...and your BO!
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JOJO Hammer106 months
It's actually simple. Put 11 men in the box and you can stop LF7. Don't worry about the pass Les will continue to run right up the gut.
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PhilemonThomas106 months
I'm sure that young man does well in class.
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Datbayoubengal106 months
This is why you shouldn't smoke crack!
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GeauxTigerTM106 months
Reminds me of the DB back in 2001 for AU...Junior Rosegreen I think...who called out Josh Reed.

Yeah...that idiot called out the tail end of 2001.

Reed then torched that arse for 10 catches...186 yards and a TD.

Please, out more LSU Tigers before you come to town...Maybe Fournette will stop at 200 and 3 TD's.
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Accardo44106 months
Howard Mathews calls BS!
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Camos9812106 months
After Saturday Auburn will be scare to use the number seven are think about it!
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JackieTreehorn106 months
Those Bastards never learn.
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USMCTiger03106 months
Matthews, TAM, 6'2" 210 - trucked by LF
Rudy, AUB, 6'0" 203

Well within truckable size.
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