Three-star wide receiver Kyle Porter from Lucas, Texas (Lovejoy HS) announced his commitment to LSU on Thursday afternoon.

The 5-10, 175-pound receiver is LSU's sixth verbal commit for the class of 2023.

For more info on Parker, visit his profile page on our Recruiting Tracker.
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bluebuck124 months
Watch him play and you will not care about his stars. He is a star.
user avatar
eugene1928LSU24 months
A no star if he wants it bad enough can become great. Depends on the individuals desire. Hester was a ** and I'd have to say his desire and work paid off for him.
user avatar
TGK4LSU24 months
We can't have all 4 & 5 stars. However, if we have over five 3 star recruits while Alabama & UGA has three or less, that's a problem
user avatar
biglego24 months
Same exact comments every time a 3 star commits.
user avatar
Tom Bronco24 months
Honeybadger and Justin Jefferson were three stars in high school. High school ratings don't mean you can't grow and improve.
user avatar
Tobasco24 months
Besides that, Tom, who says those who label other people a “3”, a”5”, etc. are qualified or decides they have the credentials to assign such labels to humans . . . those with a self labeled “expert” title and access to a WiFi login? ??
user avatar
floyd1324 months
I said this when he was hired 5 years and he's gone.
user avatar
jafari rastaman24 months
Young man, you made a wise decision.

CBK, hold on to this tiger.
user avatar
goodgrin24 months
All I want to know... he fast?
user avatar
rutiger24 months
Lol at the star chasers on here.
user avatar
landrywasbeast3024 months
I never understand this line of thinking. Like, obviously being a 3 star isn’t some sign he will suck. But, it’s undeniable the teams that consistently get the top recruiting classes tend to be the best teams every year.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun24 months
You losers are beacon of happiness. Enjoy your weekly Applebee’s tonight.
user avatar
chinhoyang24 months
3 stars, whoopie do
user avatar
countrytiger6024 months
Jacob Hester was a three star. how did that work out for you!
user avatar
NPComb24 months
“The Hyena” DJ Welter was a 3* - You can’t judge a book by its cover bro
user avatar
BayouTiga24 months
Speedster - Return Man - Trust in the process!
user avatar
uscpuke24 months
3 star fail
user avatar
ATLTiger24 months
user avatar
Geaux Guy24 months
Looks good. 5'10" and 175lbs though.
user avatar
tucoco24 months
Kyle Parker is the classic overachiever!
user avatar
CaliTigerHB24 months
Who’s Kyle Parker?
user avatar
225Tyga24 months
3 star...meh
user avatar
Yeah because only 5 star kids only pan out and never has a 2 or 3 star player ever amounted to anything of note
user avatar
lmao the “Kyle Porter” hyperlink goes to Kyle Parker from Lucas, LA
user avatar
Ghost of Colby24 months
Larry Leo must be posting recruiting news. It’s Kyle PARKER from Lucas, TEXAS
user avatar
Unexpected but heck yeag
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