This High School Pitcher Waves To Batters Mid-Windup
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The most intimidating thing about high school pitcher Sam Cozart isn't that he's 6'7, 240 pounds and committed to Mississippi State. No, it's his little mid-windup wave...
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LSUvet7227 months
It will go well with the cow bells !
user avatar
GeauxsomeMeaux27 months
Try that against LSU’s line up!
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BigPerm3027 months
He should be going to A&M with that waive.
user avatar
Reservoir Ag27 months
If he throws mid 90’s and has a fastball that runs in on righties… we’d certainly take him! Now, if he stuck a finger up his arse, he’d be more suited for LSU
user avatar
TigerLord202027 months
But another guys dick up his arse then Aggie lock!
user avatar
jmarto127 months
Fingers are cool during a bj. It's the whole penis up the butt that you aggies like that is in question
user avatar
goodgrin27 months
When he does that in SEC play and gets throttled, that little ****y wave will cease.
user avatar
Geauxldninja27 months
I feel like doing that kinda tells you it’s a fastball.. idk if he’s getting a good enough grip that quick to throw some bender. I’d crush that 88 mph bs
user avatar
JumpingTheShark27 months
Little douchebag
user avatar
JackieTreehorn27 months
Best way to take care of this guy is knock it to the fricking moon.
user avatar
jatilen27 months
user avatar
lechateau27 months
Kid has some confidence for sure
user avatar
Wraytex27 months
Kind of remings me of the cocky Astros reliever that Pujols neutered with one blast? Lidge I think...
user avatar
Hester Carries27 months
If high school pitcher reminds you of Brad Lidge I think he’s pretty good lol
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