Private vs. public course, which do you prefer playing? Golfer Paige Spiranac asks this question as she plays a hole and lets us tag along...

Play a hole with me! ?? time!

You’ll find me mostly at public golf courses because that’s where I feel most at home. The amount of stories I have of how I’ve been treated at some Country Clubs would shock you. Some private clubs I’ve been to have been incredible and some have made me never want to play golf again. What do you prefer? Public or private golf course?
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CSATiger15 months
does she ever play at Bushwood?
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JackieTreehorn15 months
Wow she has some very large breasts.
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Chinese Bandit15 months
Private vs. Pubic Course

Hmmm...I will take Pubic Course
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DenverTigerMan15 months
Do you think Larry misspelled "Public" on purpose?
user avatar
TigerCoon15 months
I'd play her A Hole
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Tiger in Co15 months
Just show us the rack, awesome
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I play her holes.
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HubbaBubba15 months
Fingers loose but firm on your grip of the shaft, Paige.
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CaptainJ4715 months
Where do I play her privates?
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machismo6415 months
"They watched me shoot every piece of content."

Yes, I am sure they did.
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GeauxTigers141015 months
She has nothing on Boom-Boom Larue (few people out there may get the reference).
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eddieray15 months
You really get to know a person by the time you’re 3 holes in
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Fightin Okra15 months
I personally enjoy it in private but I am older. Maybe public when I was younger
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cypresstiger15 months
how I’ve been treated at some Country Clubs would shock you
—-Do tell?
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Higgysmalls15 months
Pretty sure her 20 minutes is up
user avatar
tketaco15 months
Who wants to snack on Fat Girl Titties' swamp arse infested starfish?
user avatar
Tshiz15 months
Imagine caring about this trash
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