Law Enforcement Finally Shares What Caused Tiger Woods Car Crash
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports
The details of Tiger Woods crashing his Genesis GV80 SUV down the side of a hill in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. back in February have been kept private, until now. Per TMZ Sports...

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Tiger was driving 83 MPH in a 45 zone at the time of the crash. This is why they say speed was the sole cause of the crash

...Tiger waived his right of privacy and authorized the release of the accident report to the public.

We're told the SUV's black box shows Tiger actually accelerated at the time of the crash. We're also told that just as Tiger lost control the SUV actually gained speed.

There's more ... law enforcement sources tell us, the Sheriff's Dept. did not get a warrant to check Tiger's cell phone to determine if he was on a call or texting at the time of the crash. Our sources say the Dept. felt it did not have probable cause to get a warrant for cell phone records, although that is often done in accident investigations.

Our sources say Tiger hit his head 3 to 4 times on something hard in the cabin.

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I’m certain each one of us would have been treated the same way Tiger was treated,right Sheriff? This Sheriff is like the five year old that lies about eating the candy.
Reply9 days
It is simply to figure out what the cause was....a bad driver, a very bad driver.
Reply9 days
Great time to release it ahead of the Masters even though he won't be playing, a lot of people are thinking about golf this week. But it is a shame that he doesn't get his phone looked at or isn't tested for substances. Rich privilege.
Reply10 days
Speed was not the sole cause of the crash. The sole cause of the crash was his vehicle actually hitting something. I rest my case.
Reply10 days
When I read the article it almost sounded suicidal. Either way I hope everything turns out ok for him.
Reply10 days
Wring this story out like a wet sponge. God the media sucks. We know all there is to know!
Reply10 days
No drug or alcohol tests after his check to see if he was texting or on his phone and actually sped up while hitting a tree at 75-mph. Just your everyday, normal type of accident.
Reply10 days
Smh white privilege strikes again
10 days
Cablinasian privelege
10 days
He was never a good driver
Reply10 days
Tiger has 9 lives. duh.
Reply10 days
Weird story.
Reply10 days
exactly. sounds like they're holding back or did a crappy job
10 days
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