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Golfer Taylor Cusack is from Oklahoma, so she is very excited about this week's PGA Championship at Southern Hills County Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. How excited? This excited...

That feeling when the @pgachampionship starts TOMORROW in your home state! Who do you have winning?!

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user avatar
GumboPot26 months
Plastic is as plastic does.
user avatar
notsince9826 months
her makeup is repulsive.
user avatar
jp4lsu26 months
Why the filters to make your face look like a fake doll head. She is a pretty girl, why hide it with filters and it doesn't look real at all.
user avatar
Wood. Immediately.
user avatar
Tiger in Co26 months
Porn rack and porn tongue
user avatar
barbapapa26 months
this chick is really fricking dumb
user avatar
MadQfrog26 months
Fakeness with too much makeup. She's made up of powder.
user avatar
Damathe26 months
Psycho eyes. Run - do not walk.
user avatar
TailbackU26 months
Paige wins hands down over this chick. Paige has fake parts but this chick is so fake she looks like anime
user avatar
Lynxrufus201226 months
Looks like she could get a job in Bangkok. Same plastic Barbie doll look. Pretty woman, doesn't need to do this.
user avatar
Skinny26 months
There is nothing interesting about this at all. Total cringe as the kids say.
user avatar
Big L26 months
She’s getting closer to that sexbot look they all seen to be aiming for
user avatar
Jabontik26 months
She put in alot of effort to give me a stiffy. Good job.
user avatar
BobABooey26 months
An eagle compared to double bogey PaIGe.
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