Check Out The Amount Of Private Jets In Augusta For The Masters
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They need a couple of valet pilots in Augusta for The Masters this week...
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jp4lsu25 months
25% will be gone tomorrow after missing the cut
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thermal922125 months
Seen more like private jets in the quad.
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broadcaster25 months
And I guarantee 90% of The people using them is climate change and environmental activist! Go figure
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3down1025 months
But they are important and you are a racist if you don't understand that.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy25 months
Typical weekend in Aspen Colorado
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hottub25 months
Nothing compared to the Kentucky Derby but still a lot of money sitting on that ramp.
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CDawson25 months
Not sure about that. I’ve flown into both including this weekends Masters. Over 500 private jets, not counting prop planes, were on the ground Friday in Augusta when I arrived.
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Hangit25 months
It looks like a green people convention, so they can discuss telling others how to cut back.
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VoxDawg25 months
First Masters golfer to cry about 'climate change' gets punched in the dick.
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BrotherDawg8425 months
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PureBlood25 months
One of the main reasons I still watch golf is because they keep their opinions to themselves... at least the main ones.
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TerryDawg0325 months
Thankfully the National doesn't really give any of them a platform to preach from. Not much posturing happening at The Masters by design.
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