Lee Corso will tell you what he thinks whether you're a football team or their mascot...
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Chip823 months
Corso used to be half crazy in the first place.

But now at 88 years of age he can do whatever he pleases because we all know he is living on borrowed time.
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real turf fan3 months
Ugga looked at Corso and growled, "This dog is old."
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Antoninus3 months
Bulldogs are so ugly that they are cute. I say this as the owner of an American Bulldog.
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goodgrin3 months
He almost sounded like Trump when he said it. Lol
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SaintLSU3 months
He told no lies tho
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Zarkinletch4163 months
Lee Corso is GOAT! Leave him alone. And yes Bulldogs are ugly, but then I'm ugly so I tend to like ugly dogs.
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Gaston3 months
In his defense, he was barely stringing real words together. Not sure who wants to see that old fricker on TV, but they parade him out there weekly.
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atltiger64873 months
yes, it's past time to take Corso off the live set. We all love the guy, but he just can't speak anymore and it's embarrassing. I'd have him in a couple recorded segments, but the live stuff doesn't work with him anymore. There just comes a time...
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BuzzSaw 123 months
He's right
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