My brain isn't allowing me to think that these are really this dude's calves...

Finishing hamstrings off with 100lb dumbell leg curls.

Here's the dude...

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Calf implants for sure
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Redbone93 months
His pecker must not be proportional to the rest of him if he is rodding out that skinny chick!!
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ctiger6993 months
Looks like calf implants
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el duderino III93 months
why do you call him a weightlifter and have a thumbnail image of olympic lifting plates. Bodybuilding =/= weightlifting
user avatar
DownSouthDave93 months
Dude has never skipped leg day.
user avatar
kjanchild93 months
I got that beat!
user avatar
Hulkklogan93 months
He's got nothing on brgetthenet
user avatar
saint tiger22593 months
I still don't understand how you're still here Larry...This isn't even a good "Sports Lite" story.
user avatar
TygerDurden93 months
steroids are a helluva drug...
user avatar
Street Hawk93 months
I'd just get calf implants like Johnny Drama. frick that 100lb dumbbell curl noise.
user avatar
AnOddDevice93 months
Keiland Williams is unimpressed.
user avatar
CAD703X93 months
as real as this quadzilla's thighs LINK
user avatar
OnTheBrink93 months
Uhhhh, like OMG Larry! As if...
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