13 Comments is a live-streaming video platform that primarily focuses on video gaming. The best part of it is watching peeps lose their mind when they lose. Like this fella here, who placed a maximum $5,000 bet on his last blackjack hand and lost. He then hilariously loses his mind. Warning NSFW language...

Here's Bleacher Report's explanation of what happened here...

(Streamer) Morris drew an ace as his first card, but his second card, a five, gave him either a six or 16. He hit and received a jack, putting him at a hard 16. With the dealer showing a six, Morris declined to hit again.

The dealer drew a second six, which meant only a face card would save Morris. Unfortunately, the dealer drew a third six, causing Morris to throw off his headphones and go absolutely nuts.
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luvdatigahs110 months
Ummmmm florida, he drew on the soft 16 giving him a hard 16 against a dealers 6 upcard. Good bet, bad luck, have you ever played blackjack before?
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Whiznot110 months
You don't have to go online to play blackjack. Send me a cash deposit and when you give me a phone call I'll deal out a few hands and let you know how you've done. It's exactly the same as computer blackjack without the computer.
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Florida225110 months
He stayed on soft 16. He deserved to lose.
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Lordofwrath88110 months
Almost as good as the Tennessee fan when Cody blocked the kick.
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DVinBR110 months
i know right speedy... i despise those people that watch streamers rather than actually play the damn game... even more hate for those people that put money towards streamers... it's so dumb
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SpeedyNacho110 months
that kid apparently makes 6 figures streaming world of warcraft. Wtf
user avatar
TheWalrus110 months
That's me the last 4 or 5 LSU/Bama games
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Rebel Land Shark110 months
Who the frick livestreams gambling what a lazy arse; go to a casino
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sonuvapitcher110 months
I find his reaction completely appropriate to the situation.
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CCTider110 months
Larry has made us feel just like he does a woman, letdown and unsatisfied.
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Mud_Till_May110 months
That was more of a Sprint then a freak out
user avatar
RummelTiger110 months
I've seen better, and more freakouts, by 9-year olds after their team loses a football game.
user avatar
stonedbegonias110 months
That's a freak out?
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