Tim Tebow Has Blunt Rant About Florida Under Dan Mullen
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During an appearance with SEC Nation on Saturday, Tim Tebow didn't hold back when talking when questions Florida’s passion under head coach Dan Mullen...

“You’ve seen the last two weeks a Florida team show up and honestly not play with a lot of heart,” Tebow said, per 247 Sports. “I think it’s probably the most disappointing thing. Some of those losses could’ve gone both ways, especially early on in the season. That’s still a very talented team. I was talking to some of the top coaches in the SEC and they were saying that’s something that a lot of people don’t get. They’re one of the most-talented teams.

“But when they show up and don’t play with heart, don’t show character and don’t play with leadership … they don’t have a good why … you can lose to anybody, like they almost lost to Samford.”
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Go ahead Tebow, get on Dan Mullen, he's a wannabe narcissist who doesn't deserve to be in the SEC. His luck is finally running out, thank goodness...
Reply17 days
Attitude reflects leadership.
Reply19 days
Judge not, lest ye be judged, Jesus, Jr. Such a hypocrite. Oh Damn !!!!!
Reply19 days
what's the hypocrite part? i dont recall tim not playing with heart. btw, that verse isnt a commandment as most of you people think. it was a warning. now explain how he's q hypocrite.
18 days
You do understand that analysis <> judgement don’t you?
18 days
Not sure Tebow is saying Mullen is doing anything that will send him to the hot place. The grasp of scripture here is phenomenal.
17 days
Judge not, lest ye be judged, Jesus, Jr. Such a hypocrite.
Reply19 days
I hope Alabama players were watching.
Reply19 days
Nice to see him speak the truth and not be a homer.
Reply19 days
He is right
Reply19 days
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