After Alabama earned its first trip to the NCAA men's Final Four with an 89-82 victory over Clemson
After Alabama earned its first trip to the NCAA men's Final Four with an 89-82 victory over Clemson this weekend, Paul Finebaum praised Crimson Tide athletic director Greg Byrne for the program's recent turnaround during his weekly appearance on McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning...

"He's the best athletic director in the country," Finebaum said of Byrne (h/t On3). “And that’s not easy to do or be at Alabama."

"You can’t be the athletic director of a school like that and not be criticized for something along the way," Finebaum continued. "But when you say you think about some of the decisions that he’s made, you know, the baseball situation last year was really one of his crucibles. He handled it. The situation corrected itself. He was transparent, and I think that’s the most important thing to be."

"He is business-like, he is professional, and he is prepared," Finebaum declared. "And too often, we see an AD in a situation who has a plan and then gets pulled and tugged and ends up with a Bryan Harsin. Greg has a coalition, and he knows the way the game is played."

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tigersbh17 days
Who made this guy an expert on anything?
user avatar
Savagetiger6518 days
Alabama Azz kizzer!!
user avatar
LSUtoBOOT18 days
He zipped up Nick and unzipped Greg, he prefers the pachyderm facials.
user avatar
mcpotiger18 days
What a dumbass!
user avatar
jawnybnsc19 days
Finebum rides elephant nuts?!!!
user avatar
Geaux Guy19 days
Sticking with The Gump schtick
user avatar
POTUS202419 days
I thought he was going to say the guy from OU.
user avatar
brewdrees19 days
Women's championship basketball, Men's baseball championship, stop it Paw
user avatar
ApexTiger20 days
He called our house last offer an apology...I can't go into details but it happened...he was the only who did offer an apology from Alabama...
user avatar
imjustafatkid20 days
Hard to argue with his logic. It's clear Byrne is getting results.
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cajunmud20 days
Who's had a better 2-3 years than Woodward?
user avatar
Black n Gold20 days
He's a pretty good AD if you ignore the fact that one of his players was an accomplice to murder and one of his coaches defended him.
user avatar
imjustafatkid20 days
user avatar
Vacherie Saint20 days
Literally no one else on the planet outside if Tuscaloosa shares this opinion.
user avatar
tigerbait1.620 days
its so wild how a Tennessee grad rides Bama so hard
user avatar
mikeytig20 days
Finebaum- imagine that.
user avatar
oleheat20 days
Wow- just when you think you know Pawl, he shocks the world.
user avatar
coolieaux20 days
Johnny come lately.
user avatar
KCSunshine20 days
He ok but our guy Woodard is awesome.Knowing how great LSU fans are bringing in Mulkey and JJ with Kelly
not only helped Ws it also put Tiger fans butts in the seats which did the trick how to pay$$ salaries. He gets it
“Everyone does want to be us” is not off by muuch
user avatar
Easye92120 days
I don't know if he's the best, but he's definitely top 5. He's done a stellar job since he's been at Bama.
user avatar
udtiger20 days
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