On Thursday wife of Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes, announced she will be featured in SI Swimsuit’s 60th anniversary issue. And apparently she received some criticism for this, which Nick Saban's daughter Kristen is here to defend...
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JumpingJimFlash23 days
I thought KS was supposed to be smoking hot. It does appear though that her face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a rake
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geauxbrown23 days
Larry, STOP with this bitch
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AUbagman23 days
Stop with your shite posting Larry/Chicken.
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Westbank11123 days
Larry, for real, please don’t get some obsession over Saban’s daughter. This is the stupidest one of all. For real. Nobody cares about her opinions
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porge710624 days
She looks like Damon wayons in white chicks.
user avatar
ImBatman24 days
Says one dog about the other.
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WhoDatNC24 days
Her looks are on par with this girls personality.
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idlewatcher24 days
Larry is worse than Kristen Saban
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nismosao24 days
Of course she likes her. Another woman who made her name on the back of a man in football.
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jbird724 days
Stop encouraging this narcissistic lunatic Larry.

This is low, even for you.
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Rex Feral24 days
Dude, stop it with this dumb arse bitch.
user avatar
RummelTiger24 days
Larry...stop with the Kristen Saban posts.
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