I mean...I shook my head. I looked inward, slammed a half bottle of Fireball, then thought maybe tennis balls are green...? But they're yellow, right?...What in the f...
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SLAP9910 months
Just need Kermit holding a tennis ball in front of a school bus and it gets settled.
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HubbaBubba10 months
Chartreuse, also known as yellow-green or greenish yellow, is a color between yellow and green. It was named because of its resemblance to the green color of a French liqueur called green chartreuse, introduced in 1764.
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CallmeSteveo10 months
This isn’t very affirming for the tennis ball. It should be what ever color it identifies as
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diat15010 months
looks more green than yellow to me.
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faraway10 months
they look green to me. guess what i dgaf
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Jyrdis10 months
I’m not sure what to think until that tennis influencer lady chimes in.
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POTUS202410 months
Yellow and blue make green!
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ALhunter10 months
Chartreuse exists
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Twincam10 months
This is like lemon lime Gatorade. Yellow or green? I say yellow.
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RightWingTiger10 months
Neon yellow is now Green? Is this the same as LGBTQ ppl getting to “decide” their gender or pronoun? Gender is fluid now so apparently so are colors!!!
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mdomingue10 months
All of the hurrah about this ended up with lab tests done to end the debate. The results?

Physicists have determined that between the range of 520 to 560 nanometers, the light reflected on the objects is “green,” while for “yellow,” the wavelength ranges anywhere from 560 to 590 nanometers. In the spectrum of light, the color green and yellow are next to each other, so this is one of the reasons why people confuse these two. The light reflected on regular tennis balls is at 535 nanometers at its peak, which falls in the green spectrum when it reaches its peak, but is not defined. The wavelength also reflects on the yellow grade range, even though with the least definition. According to test lab results, the color of a tennis ball can be more accurately defined as “chartreuse,” which is in between green and yellow. Some also call the chartreuse color greenish-yellow or yellow-green.
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